Video highlights of the Saturday, October 11th 6-man football game, between #2 Little Snake River at Dubois.

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The Rams put it all together to get back into the playoff hunt, and knocked the Rattlers off of their undefeated perch.



A lot of cameras were at this game...about half of the viewers liked what they saw and half did not...we were part of the half that did not, but for different reasons.

#2 Little Snake River at Dubois...first quarter...Dubois wearing the blue and on defense...Kolter Leseberg will take advantage of the botched toss and pounce on the loose ball...hate to say it, but the beginning of the end came early in this game.

The Rams did not take long to cash in...Kurt Leseberg will roll out to his right...and air it out for Walker Carrico who would make a pretty good catch, on what ended up being a 22-yard scoring play...conversion no good, but it's only 6-to-nothing and there was plenty more on the way.

After another turn over...the boys in blue went back to work...Kurt Leseberg will take the handoff...gets a great block from Rowan Hawk, and that was all he needed to go 10 yards and put more points on the board...scoreboard watchers were taking's 14-to-zip.

The home team would get the ball back again...and this was starting to become routine...Kurt Leseberg will avoid the pressure and this not the prettiest of passes to Carrico, but they only needed 4 yards, so whatever works...we had ourselves a 22-to-nothing game after the first 10 minutes.

Second quarter...the rout was on...Hawk is built like a ram, but he had no opposition on this 5 yard's hard to believe that the score is 28-to-zero...but...believe it!

Little Snake River needed to do something soon, or else the comeback road was going to get even longer...on 4th and goal from the 2...Tyson Cobb was trying to hook up with Tanner Jensen, but Kurt Leseberg will break it up and keep the opposition out of the end zone. Dubois brought their 'A' game on both sides of the ball.

The boys in blue would march again...and improvise...this was not plan A, but plan B worked as Kurt laterals to Kolter who will take care of the rest and rush in from 19 yards...this is a much different team than the one that got pummeled by Guernsey-Sunrise back in week it's 34-to-nothing.

The Rams were surprising everyone but themselves...and they would open up the playbook...Kurt will go to the air this time to Kolter and 25 yards later...more points...this game has become very one's now 42-to-zip.

The Rattlers finally got something going after that, but it may have been too late...Cobb with the completion to Jensen...then the hook and ladder, or hook and rattle to Braden Duncan...he actually did step out of bounds, but at this point...who cares? Give them the points...they need them. LSR admitted after this game, that the 2 games prior to this, softened them up too much. That's why they trail 42-to-8.

Meanwhile the home team was still doing their thing...Kurt is going to help the Rams live up to their name on this play...and he will Ram his way through...slip several tackles and he is gone for 56 yards...7 TD's for the senior...he threw for 5 and rushed for 2...and the cushion is back up to 42, with the scoreboard reading 50-to-8.

We're still in the second quarter...Dubois would get an interception...Zak Rose is going to show his thorns and keep tacklers off of him and score on a 9 yard run. It was 58-to-8 going into halftime. We're not going show the second half, because the mercy rule was in effect. Little Snake River would pick up loss #1 on the season, the really hard way...70-to-8.