Highlights of the Saturday, April 20th Boys Soccer game between #2 Laramie at #1 Gillette.

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The top-ranked Camels would break through early in the 2nd half, and make it hold against the 2nd ranked Plainsmen.



Oh them? They share everything. Same clothes, same toys…even the same highlights.

Number 2 Laramie at Number 1 Gillette…first half…Laramie wearing the maroon…Sean Ohagan was trying to center the ball for a team-mate, but Andrew Hays saw that one coming, and he’ll cut it off at the pass before the visitors could establish a connection…and that would keep a point off of the board.

On the other end…Gillette had their own plan of attack…this is not a centering pass by Lane Knievel…rather it’s a shot on goal, but Kolton Rap would rise to the occasion and pull that ball down, and ensure that this contest would stay scoreless for the time being.

The Camels would try again from the corner…good approach and all Rap could do was swat the ball over the cross bar…and we have nothing doing on the scoreboard going into half-time.

Second half…both teams going in the opposite direction…Tyler Greener gets the steal and then sometimes, you just got to say, forget strategy…just shoot it…and that had just enough to get between Rap and the cross-bar. The result was a much needed goal, since these teams could not find the back of the net when they last played. The home team now has the advantage, leading 1-to-nothing.

The Plainsmen had their chances to even things up…Gavin Wordan launches this ball from the corner…Hays had to scramble for this one, but he would eventually pounce on the ball, to end that scoring threat…as Gillette would hang on to secure their hold on the 4A East...winning 1-nil.