Video highlights and photos of the Tuesday, March 25th 4A Boys Soccer game, between Gillette at Natrona.

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It took awhile for the Camels to get going, and when they did, it was all in favor of the visitors, as the Mustangs had difficulty getting close to the net.



It was one of those days where all you needed was a good buddy...the same shirt...and a spot to hang out. It does not get much simpler then that.

Gillette at Natrona...first half...Gillette wearing the black...and trying to get something going early...Oscar Molina from roughly 30 yards out, but Kevin Quintana had more than enough room to react and bat that shot away. That was not too difficult, but things would become just that later on.

It took about 30 minutes, before the Camels were finally able to put something together...Camdin Hinkel centers the pass for Tyler Greener, who will keep that ball on the green and find the back of the net for a goal...once they got going, things went easier and's 1-to-nothing.

A few minutes later...they were at it again...the defense put a lot of effort on trying to stop Hinkel, but he usually had a back up this case, it was Molina who was much closer to the goal this time. His goal would give his Camel team-mates...a 2-zip lead, going into halftime.

Second half...this time Hinkel was the threat...he has 3 defenders beat and the goalie did not have much of a chance...the senior will take care of business, to give last year's state runner-ups a commanding 3-zero lead.

On the other end...Natrona did not have too many shot opportunities and the defense did a good job of stopping them from getting close...Andrew Hays had a pretty good idea on what they were trying on this play, and would cut it off at the pass...literally. He had a pretty easy day in front of the net.

It may have been the first game of the season, but Gillette wanted to finish this job and turn their attention to the big one with Laramie...Hinkel's shot is deflected but Alex German was there to knock the ball back in and mop the Camels would start their season on the right note...winning 4-nil.