Highlights of the Saturday, May 12th boys soccer 4A West Regional Championship game, between Green River and Rock Springs.

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The Wolves would win their 3rd straight shootout in as many games, to win the 4A west regional championship.



There’s some future landscapers getting to work on a big project…actually they’re working on what will be the front lawn for my new house.

Green River vs. Rock Springs in the 4A West Regional Championship game…first half…Green River obviously wearing the green…you want to talk about knocking on the door…that’s what Hector Perez was doing, but Gus Wagner was right there to keep it closed…and that is how you make a save when the ball is that close to the goal line.

The Wolves would try again later on down the road…Tyson Erickson is in a jam and he’s got to get rid of the ball, before his window of opportunity slams shut…and Wagner ended up doing just that. Aside from the 2 plays you just saw…not much excitement going on in the first 40 minutes…and the scoreboard still had a pair of zeros, going into halftime.

2nd half…both teams now going in the other direction…GR reaches into their bag of tricks in an effort to defend their regional title…great ball movement to set it up for Austin Lever and the senior is going to knock it home…you would think after going through 2 shootouts in as many days prior to this game, that the Wolves might not have anything left in the tank…but they did and now lead 1-to-nothing.

Rock Springs would answer…Eric Ramirez sees an open lane to the far corner of the net…and his aim was right on target. The Tigers had been having some trouble with their Sweetwater County foes lately…but that made things a lot better, and this game is tied up at 1.

Later…we need to give the Green River goalie a little bit of love himself…Kenyon Baker…in all that traffic he manages to snag the ball out of mid-air before the opposition could get to it. He wasn’t taking any chances, and we still have a tie score after 80 minutes.

Who’s ready for some overtime? I think he’s cool with that…it is the regional championship game after all.

In the first 10 minutes…we reverse direction again…the Tigers were trying to claw their way in. Braxton Rosette had the right idea, however Baker had some quick reflexes as the senior dives for the save, and that kept the ball out of the net for awhile.

Heading into the 2nd 10 minutes…another change of direction…we got a high fly ball in front of the goal…I wonder if Baker plays any baseball when soccer is not in season…he can sure make some great catches. After 1-hundred minutes…it’s still a 1-1 affair…time to go to a shootout.

Round 1…the Wolves go first…this is their 3rd one in as many games, and they’re quite used to it by now. Tyler Trumble will get the party started, by freezing the goalie, to help his team draw first blood.

Rock Springs will call on Ramirez to respond…most goalies usually hate shootouts, but the one good thing is…they usually only need to make 1 save. Baker now has that problem out of the way, and now all he has to do is rely on his team-mates.

Round 2…Erickson almost over-did for GR…off of one goal-post and off the other, but somehow he got the job done. You don’t get extra points for style…just get the ball across the goal-line…Wolves lead 2-zip.

The Tigers needed an answer…and they would get a break…watch Baker’s feet…he took a couple of baby steps forward before he went for the dive, and the line judge said that’s a no-no. You must stay on the line when you make a save in this situation. Get back in front of the net…we’re doing this one again.

As a result, Todd Gray would get another opportunity and he’ll make the most of it, by being just a little bit quicker. His team needed that one, and now they’re down 2-to-1.

Round 3…Cody Lucas will zig and the goalie will zag. That was almost too easy. Green River has 3-to-1 advantage.

Rock Springs decided that 2 can play that game…Daulton Grube takes a page out of the opponent’s playbook…hey whatever works. His team still trails 3-to-2.

Round 4…Tanner Trumble for the Wolves and Wagner was just a split second late…that’s all you need in a shootout sometimes…the pressure is now building with the score at 4-to-2.

The Tigers need to make this one, or else this game is over.  Edwin Muniz does not have a cast on his foot, and that’s a good thing, when you’re playing this game. His team is still down 1…it’s 4-to-3.

Round 5…this is Chase Erickson…a freshman with a chance to win it for his team…and he comes through. 3 shootouts in as many games, and the Green River Wolves grab the number 1 seed out of the west, heading into the state tournament. They beat their arch-rivals, 2-to-1…winning the shootout, 5-to-3.