Video highlights of the Saturday, September 13th 6-Man Football game, between #1 Guernsey-Sunrise at #2 Kaycee.

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Thanks largely in part to 7 turnovers by the Buckaroos, the Vikings would feast on the opposition, all game long.



This is what I like about small town football...unlike bigger places, not everybody has to sit on the bleachers to watch the game. A lot of people make their own seats out of anything.

#1 Guernsey-Sunrise at #2 Kaycee...first quarter...Kaycee wearing the blue...and on far as offense goes, neither team got off to a good would eventually recover, but I'll let you figure that out later. Rio Stafford was at the bottom of the pile to recover the fumble, and that would put his team in a pretty good spot to start a drive.

The Buckaroos would march down to the 4, but that was as close they got...bad exchange on the snap...Nick Cunningham will recover and move in the other direction to open up some breathing room...the Vikings would take it the other way, before they had to turn it over on downs, deep in enemy territory.

Here's where the first real big mistake happened...the boys in blue are lined up to punt out of their own end zone...not sure if this was a fake, or bad aim on the snap...regardless, something got messed up big time. Forest Foos recovers for G-S at the 7...and that play was close to being either a touchdown or a safety...but the 7 yard line is not that much better.

A couple of plays later...the visitors would cash in...Brady Esquibel would plow his way in from 1 yard out...and it was a 7-nothing game, after the first 10 minutes.

Second quarter...the home team was having a hard time staying in the saddle...we got a hot potato, and Foos would get another recovery...a theme was starting to develop in this game and one team was making the most of it.

Guernsey did not taking long to prove my point...Esquibel is going to drag a tackler or 2 into the end zone with him on this 10 yard 2 points on the kick try, and the score is now up to 15-zip.

On the next possession...the Vikings were on the warpath...Esquibel is doing the throwing this time...he can run as well...and he was thinking about it...but at the last second, he would find an open receiver in the end zone from 27 yards out...that receiver is Treasure Hollister who has his defender beat...that was not too difficult...add on 7 more points to make this a 22-to-nothing contest.

Next trip down the field...this highlight came to be, thanks to some not so great tackling...but give credit to Austin Quynn...he found found a way to slip several of them...and rumble 35 yards to Valhalla...conversion no good, but the Vikings were in pretty good shape so far, with a 28-zip lead.

Kaycee then forgot the difference between a kickoff and a the visitors got the ball again...and we got confused on this one and lost the ball for a moment...Esquibel still has it...and watch Hollister make a break for the end zone...the defense realized it too's a 19 yard TD pass...and this game is getting a bit out of hand, with the scoreboard reading 34-to-zero.

...and here comes more...inside handoff to Quynn...nice stiff arm on the only guy who had a chance to tackle him...13 yards...6 more was 40-to-zip going into halftime, and we were not that far away from the mercy rule from taking effect.

3rd quarter...more problems for the Buckaroos...and more turnovers...they could not catch a break, because they kept giving them to the opposition. Foos with recovery number 3, and his offensive buddies have another short field to work with.

From the 15...and Guernsey-Sunrise would stick to the plan...Esquibel is going to elude the pressure...and it turns out the boys in blue tried to put too much effort on him, and none on Hollister. There was not a defender within 10 yards of him...the running clock is now going with the score at 46-to-nothing.

I would like to show a good play for Kaycee...the problem was they had a major case of the dropsies...and when they happen on the wrong end of the get the idea...Seth Federick recovers at the 2...and I think you know what's going to happen better happen, when you are that close to the goal line.

...and did...Cunningham walks in for another score...the Vikings have this game well in hand, up 53-to-zip.

Sadly...we had to keep playing...and it got's turnover number 6...Esquibel...6 yards...6 more one on the conversion...this game has turned into a it's 60-to-nothing...and there is still one more quarter to go.

Now in the 4th...the home team kept trying...but this just was not their will see why in a moment...Taylor Rouse is trying to make something happen...but he can't find a receiver...and Guernsey-Sunrise was breathing down his neck...he has to throw...he can not run...he would find a target, but this ball did not have enough distance...well it did have enough distance to be caught by Hollister, but he plays for the other team...he will bring it back one way...finds the roadblock...goes the other way...and they are not going to get him...a 60 yard pick 6...who needs offense when the defense can do the job too? Vikings now up 66-to-zip.

About 1 minute to go...and finally...the Buckaroos got something to go their's Brandon Tehau connecting with Mark Largent for 15 yards...the shutout was avoided. It's not much of a consolation, but better than nothing. The Vikings win on the road in blowout fashion...66-to-7.