Hanna-Elk Mountain is blessed with some terrific athletic talent with Shane and Conor McGraw. These 2 guys are good at everything they do, from football to basketball, to track. On the football field, the Miner offense runs through them and a good Hulett team found that out on Saturday afternoon in Midwest. The McGraw's a year ago were all-state selections and there in pace to be all-state again. It's not a 2 man team by any stretch by they're the main horsepower for the Miners. Now Hulett is a hard-hitting football team with Dalton and Dawson Butler along with Jhett Letellier. Those 3 lead a team that can run the ball effectively and can be very physical. In this matchup on Saturday in Midwest, Hulett just couldn't keep with the Hanna offense powered by the McGraw boys. Hulett did get a pick-six and a kickoff return for a touchdown but the Miners were too much for the Red Devils 79-31. Hanna will host Lingle on Saturday while Hulett will host Saratoga, also on Saturday.

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