Highlights of the Saturday, March 16th Boys Soccer game, between Buffalo vs. Jackson, played in Casper.

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The defending 3A champs found themselves in a position that they were never in last year (trailing), but got it to together to pull off another win.



It was one of those days where you could get outside…play a little soccer…watch the game on the swings…yeah…that kind of day.

Buffalo vs. Jackson…this game being played in Casper…first half…Jackson wearing the white…Will Horstman knew it was early, and he decided to give it a shot, but Neil Medders was more than ready for that one…he needed something to keep him on his toes, and he’d keep that ball out of the net.

It took about 25 minutes or so before anything else happened…and that’s when Mitchell Wilcox decided to go on a one man stampede for the Bison. He would keep the ball on the ground and send it right through the legs of Creel Smith and into the back of the net for the goal. That’s good ball handling and fast thinking. Buffalo is on the board first…up 1-nil.

The defending 3A state champs were trying to tie things up…Horstman will take a closer shot this time, and take the high road, but Medders was able to reach up and get a hand on that ball, and knock it out of bounds…that saved a point for the boys in black, who were doing well, considering it was their first game of the season.

The Broncs kept trying…they would go for the criss-cross routine…set it up in one direction and knock it in the other way…good thought, but the aim was off just a little bit as the Bison would maintain their 1-nothing lead, going into half-time.

Second half…both teams now going in the opposite direction…Jackson was turning up the pressure. Juan Morrilon slips the ball though the defense to Miguel Cortez and Medders had to act fast which he did to break it up…the rebound try would hit the side of the net and go out of play…and Buffalo would dodge a bullet on that one.

However, a short time later…the boys in black got called for a trip in the box…Morrilon is on for a penalty kick try for the Broncs…he would go one way and Medders went in the other direction…the result is a wide open goal…the 3rd of the season for Morrilon, in which all of them are from the line…this game is tied at 1.

Later…here they come again…Horstman draws the double-team to him…and that meant Tristan Wagner was open…the freshman will put a little lift on the ball to get it over Medders and in for what turned out to be the game winner…the opposition gave it a good effort in this early season clash of heavyweights…but Jackson prevailed in the end…2-to-1.