Highlights of the Saturday, May 19th boys soccer 3A State Championship game, between Worland and Jackson.

Scroll down to watch the highlights of the game!

Jackson would only give up 6 goals all season, en route to a 16-0-1 record (not 15-0-1 as we said in the video highlights), and bring home their first state championship trophy.



They’re not father and son…they’re not even from the same litter…they’re just starving for attention.

Worland vs. Jackson in the 3-A state championship game…not much happened in the first 40 minutes that’s worth showing, so we’ll start in the 2nd half.

Jackson wearing the black…Juan Morillon has a shot for the Broncs…he’ll take it and hit pay-dirt! The freshman is one of the top 3 scorers in the state and he’s got his team on the board, leading 1-to-nothing.

The boys in black were being the aggressor in the latter half of the game...which means Ian Feather had his work cut out for him…and he had his moments like this sliding save on this play, but there was more to come for the senior.

Jackson kept trying…and they kept getting close but they were not always getting in…Morillon is going to try again, but Feather just swats that shot away. Both teams were playing for their first state title ever coming into this game.

Here comes another opportunity…this time Jasper Kirsten will try from afar and he had the right idea, but this time he’d get denied by the goal-post, which is sometimes a goalie’s best friend.

On the other end…the Warriors did not have many chances, and that’s because the Broncs and Danny Chavez did not give them many. The senior has only surrendered 6 goals on the season, which is quite remarkable.

But once we got into the late stages of the game…the Broncs had more energy left in the tanks…and Will Horstmann is going to prove my point. He races through 2 defenders…takes a shot on the run…that ball will hit the goal-post and bounce the right way into the back of the net for a goal…which sealed the deal at this point.

All that’s left for the boys in black to do is to give Coach Matt Hoelscher a bath, which he will take in stride.

Jackson would cap off an undefeated season and after watching the girls take home 4 straight titles…they’re finally bringing home their own championship hardware. 2-nil was the final. The Broncs finish the season with a record of 15-oh-and-1.