Video highlights and pictures of the Friday, March 21st 3A boys soccer game, between Jackson at Worland.

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It was all Broncs from start to finish, and for the most part, all the Warriors could do, was watch.



Yo dawg! You and your dog days of can show up anytime now. Winter has wayyy over-stayed its welcome.

Jackson at Worland...first half...Jackson wearing the black...Will Horstmann is quick to strike off of the free kick and shows why he was last year's Gatorade Player of the's 1-to-nothing.

The senior scored 19 goals last year, and he was eager to get 2014 off to a good start...he'll beat the goalie to the ball and the net is wide open. He knew what he had to do...and he'll cash in. The season just started and the Broncs are already up 2-nil.

The boys in black were on a mission after last year's campaign, came up short...Josh Gilmore will take the assist...sets himself up and knocks it home for his first goal of the season...this game was quickly getting out of hand, with the score now at 3-zip.

The visitors were not messing around...they were putting on some moves on the opposition...great ball handling by Tristan Wagner...and then he will outrun 3 defenders and put it in the far side of the net. He and his squad were establishing their dominance and would hold a 4-nothing lead going into halftime.

Second half...both teams now going in the opposite direction...Jackson is on the run again...Wagner has the speed. He has already won one race...and here he will win another...the rout was on a long time ago and it was getting worse for Worland, as they found themselves down 5 goals.

On the other end...the Warriors did not have too many scoring opportunities...and this was probably their best shot. Jakob Schaeffer with a good try, but Creel Smith was waiting on it. The senior had a pretty easy day guarding the net.

Meanwhile the Broncs were still on the hunt for more...Victor Perez with a great centering pass for Daniel Tisi and the freshman was in the right place at the right time for the connection...and he knows who to thank...there's another goal and now it's a 6-to-nothing contest.

About 2 minutes we go again...this time it's Cole Hammond...he was going one way...shot in the other direction...and gets the bounce off of the usually does not work that way, but he got it...and Jackson would run away with this game to start the season...7-nil.