Video highlights of the Saturday, May 16th 3A Boys Soccer Game, between #1 Jackson at Cody.

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The defending 3A State Champ Broncs tuned up for the upcoming state tournament at the expense of the other Broncs.



Somebody better be getting an extra long walk when this game is over. Dogs only do so many tricks and sitting through an entire soccer game is not one of them.

#1 Jackson at Cody...Broncs vs. Broncs...first half...Cody wearing the white and they were taking it to the opposition in the early goings...Zack Ross had a decent look, and the ball slipped through Cole Prevost's fingers, but he got just enough of it to deflect the ball out of bounds and save a goal for now.

Meanwhile Jackson was just waiting for their opportunities and they eventually happened. Jacob Freeze is going to feed Juan Morillon on the other side, and the Cody goalie knew what was going to happen, but he just wasn't fast enough. Good effort even though he was outnumbered...and good execution by the opposition who are now up 1-to-nothing, about 10 minutes into this game.

The home team Broncs did not let that get them down...they would fight back 2 minutes later...Dawson Ritt had a small window of opportunity, and he would make the most of it...not much room for error on that play, and there was no error is his delivery. He was able to squeeze a shot between Prevost and the goal-post, and tie this game up at 1 goal a piece.

That gave the boys in black a little bit of a wake up call and they responded...this play is similar to earlier...great centering pass by Tristan Wagner...the defense put too many men on him and not enough on Freeze, who was on the other side of the 1-2 combination this time. These guys know how to change positions at times and still get the job it's 2-to-1.

The defending champs were still on the attack...this time the goalie is coming out, so Victor Perez had to get a quick shot off, and the junior has an open net waiting for him. He and his team are used to this by now...they win and score goals often. The scoreboard now reads 3-to-1.

You can also tell they've been could say this is their bread and butter play...#7 was not listed in the program, but Jimmy Hessler is. That play was starting to become pretty routine, and Jackson is taking control with a 4-to-1 advantage.

...and here we go again...Perez with the shot...Cody actually was able to stop it, but they were unable to clear the ball out, and Tristan Wagner would come in and clean up the mess. He would score again 2 minutes later when he intercepted a goal kick and had a 1-on-1 with the goalie...We did not get that one...sorry. The visiting Broncs had all the momentum...ahead 6-to-1 going into halftime.

Second half...let's how this works from ground level...Hessler just manages to save the ball from going out...James Ablondi jumps over the pass and #13 was wide open and finishes the job. His number was not in the program either, but his team knows who he is...the guy who made the score 7-to-1.

Ok...we'll give the Cody goalie some love...he had a pretty bad day, mostly because his team was just outmatched. Zach Ross would score late in the game for the home team Broncs, but we had already packed up at that point. This game was over a long time score...Jackson wins 7-to-2.