Video highlights and photos of the Saturday, May 24th, 4A Boys State Championship Game, between Gillette vs. Laramie.

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Despite injuries, the Plainsmen kept it together to shut out the Camels, in a rematch of last year's state championship game.



They're so happy over there...they're so happy over there...and you will find out why within the next couple of minutes.

Gillette vs. Laramie in the 4A state championship game...first half...Laramie wearing the white...Eric Gunderson with the flip flow in...Gillette will head the ball away...but they headed it right to Robin Drummond...and he's so happy! Right place, right time, for his first and only goal of the season...that was huge. 9 minutes in and the score is 1-to-nothing.

On the other end...Gillette would try to answer back...the Plainsmen's goalie was injured earlier, so they had to bring in the backup...but he certainly did not play like a back up...Kolton Rap has a good argument to be the starter next year...especially after plays like that one. The junior was able to keep the opposition out of the net.

About 6 minutes before the break...the defending champs have a breakaway...this is Alexis Eleuterio...the Camel goalie was making a run for it, but the freshman was a little bit faster...he's so happy! Laramie was doing much better than they did in the regional championship game...and lead 2-zip going into halftime.

Second half...both teams going in the other direction...Gunderson is going to give it another try with the flip throw in...but Andrew Hays has had enough. He would tighten up his defense, but he needed his buddies to start producing some offense...and soon.

Later...this was one of the better attempts for last year's state runner-ups...Tyler Greener found a hole in the defense...and thought he could fake out Rap, but the Plainsmen's goalie did not buy it. Gillette has turned their program around...but it's been 20 years since they last won it all...and they will have to wait at least another year.

Laramie was somewhat banged up going into the post-season...but they had the reserves to avenge their only loss of the season.

Final score...2-nil...the Plainsmen repeat as champs...they take home their 4th title in 7 years...they finish this season with a record of 16-1-and-2..and they're so happy over there!