The good news finally came out earlier this week. The high school fall sports season will begin on time.

Like you, WyoPreps is hoping nothing shuts things down with everything that's surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and all the planning to get student-athletes back to competing again.

WyoPreps was curious, so we polled high school sports fans about something that has become a sensitive topic, wearing a face-covering or mask.

Nearly two-thirds, or 64.7 percent, of those that took part in our poll question, said, "Yes, they would attend a sporting event if required to wear a mask/face-covering."

Another option respondents could have voted for was, "Maybe, it depends on the sporting event." There was 18.4 percent of pollsters that chose this option.

Some of you, 16.9 percent to be exact, said, "No, I will not attend if required to wear a face-covering or mask."

If you missed the poll question, here is a look at the voting:

Changes have already been announced that will impact practices, regular-season, and post-season events for each fall sport. Click the button below for more information.

Whatever your feelings about face-coverings/wearing masks, the current orders by Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon and the Wyoming Department of Health have extended an order that limits the number of persons at various events depending on whether it's indoors or outdoors. If it remains in place, this will impact the attendance at events this fall. Check with your local school officials on the policy in place within their county and school district.

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