The 2014 summer season is one all-star series short.

The annual Wyoming vs. South Dakota basketball all-star games, which would have been played June 6th at Spearfish, SD and June 7th at Gillette, have been scrapped.

Gillette College Men's Basketball Coach Shawn Neary, who has coached the team Wyoming boys in the past, says there's been too many changes with organizers in the past few years.

"The organizers in South Dakota have changed quite a bit the last couple of years, and we've just sort of lost some continuity with the South Dakota group, and from our perspective in Gillette, we're going through some changes here in our programs and it's probably going to be one of those deals where we take a year or two off, and try to regroup and see if we can get it going here in the future."

Neary says one idea being tossed around for down the road, if the Wyoming-South Dakota basketball series does not continue, is perhaps having a 4A All-Star team vs. All-Stars from the combined ranks of 3A-2A-1A.

Meanwhile the Wyoming-Montana basketball All-Star series is scheduled for Friday, June 13th at Sheridan and Saturday, June 14th at Billings.