Highlights of the Friday, April 20th boys soccer game, between #2 Sheridan at #1 Laramie.

Scroll down to watch the highlights of the game!

Each team would take advantage of having the wind at their backs, but the defending state champs struck quickly in overtime, to give the Plainsmen their first loss on the season.



I have no idea what song he’s listening to, but I think he’s enjoying it wayyy too much!

Number 2 Sheridan at Number 1 Laramie…first half…Laramie wearing the yellow and playing with the wind…good free kick by Vitor Nazareth, but Cole Smith would keep his eye on the ball and reel it in to stop that scoring threat.

The home team would keep trying…here’s Nazareth again…putting a little lift on this shot…he was going for the bounce attack and it almost worked, but Smith was able to react fast enough and deflate that try.

Now this next highlight is our fault…we messed up…we lost the ball and by the time we found it…it had already gotten by Smith and was in the back of the net. We owe Blake Wright an apology, because it was his moment, and we botched it up, but the Plainsmen would have a 1-nothing lead going into halftime.

2nd half…Sheridan now has the wind and they would take advantage of it. Jake Moore with a brilliant header off of the corner kick. That’s how you get the job done. He said coming into this game, he had never scored against Laramie, well now there’s something he can cross off of his to do list. This game is tied at 1-goal a-piece.

And the Broncs were trying for more…here’s another kick from the corner…Hunter Reece trying a similar strategy, but he kept it on the ground instead and that was not going to get by Jonathan Miller, although the senior did have his work cut out for him for the rest of the game.

The boys in blue stayed after it…Reece is fighting his way through traffic…now he’s going for the high road, but that shot will kiss the cross bar and stay in play. The senior had his moments…he just couldn’t finish.

On the other end…last year’s state runner-ups did not have many chances going against the wind. Nazareth tries again from the corner, and Smith has another save to his totals. After 80 minutes, we still have a tie game, so have to go into overtime.

In the first 10 minutes…Moore wanted more and he’s going to get it. He almost lost his balance but he recovered and got the ball over Miller and into the back of the net. That was huge and the defending state champs, now lead 2-to-1.

But overtime is not sudden death, so they kept playing…Reece steps up for a penalty kick, but Miller is no fool. Great anticipation to prevent any further damage from being done.

Now in the second 10 minutes…Laramie had to get something going, because their undefeated record was in serious jeopardy. Nazareth’s shot is redirected, however Smith was paying attention and that’s not going in. The Sheridan Broncs would pull off a huge stunner…winning on the road in overtime…2-to-1.