Highlights of the Thursday, March 28th Boys Soccer game, between #5 4A Sheridan at #3 3A Buffalo.

Scroll down to watch highlights of the game and scroll to the bottom to see a photo gallery.

For the second year in a row, the Broncs and Bison could not settle things after 100 minutes on the field.



They did not anyone available to work the scoreboard so I volunteered…but wait a minute…if I’m working the scoreboard…who’s running the camera? Hmmmmmmm.

#5 Sheridan at #3 Buffalo in a 4A vs. 3A matchup…first half…Buffalo wearing the white….it took awhile before anything happened that was highlight worthy…Tyler Rogers will take a stab at it…but Ty Fauber with a great dive to make the save. Not sure if that ball was going in or not, but he was not taking any chances.

Now here’s where Sheridan got careless…Kameron Eckard never saw James Musselman coming and reacted too late…Musselman will feed Rogers who almost put too much on the shot…but he’ll get the bounce off of the cross-bar and collect a goal…as the Bison would take a 1-nothing lead…going into half-time.

Second half…Sheridan was having a hard time getting their offense going, but they caught a huge break on this play…Joe Shassetz is going to turn on the after-burners, out-run 3 defenders…leave them in the dust…and slip the ball through the goalie’s legs, before he could do the splits. That was one of those opportunities that you better cash in on…and last year’s 4A state runner-ups have tied this game up at 1 goal a-piece.

Later…the home team was being the aggressor for most of this game…and had their shots. Rogers will try again and that one did not miss by much. 80 minutes could not resolve things between these I-90 rivals so we had to put some more time on the clock.

In the first 10 minutes of overtime…the boys in blue had an opportunity…Shassetz will try to score again,  but this ball will skim off of the cross bar and stay in play. That was probably the Broncs’ best opportunity to win this one.

In the second 10 minutes…Buffalo was trying to put a stampede together…Musselman will try to flex his muscles with this hard shot, that goes off of Fauber’s hands and the junior had to hurry and recover in order to avoid disaster. In the end…nothing got settled…and this game would end in a 1-1 draw.