Video highlights of the Tuesday, March 25th 4A Boys Soccer game, between Sheridan at Kelly Walsh.

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The Broncs got their one and only goal late in the first half, after the ball went through a hole in the netting, and then held on to top the Trojans.



Nice...scenery...probably not the most visually stimulating thing that you want to see behind a soccer goal...and that is a lot of dirt!

Sheridan at Kelly Walsh...first half...Sheridan wearing the blue...Jackson Hanify is going to give it a shot and Austin Haupt reacted just in the nick of time, to bat the ball away and save a goal...a good start for the first game of the season.

On the other end...Kelly Walsh had a few tries of their own...not sure if this was a centering pass or a shot on goal, but Zach Campbell was not taking any chances either way. Better safe than sorry.

Moving's another Trojan try...and this was more of a direct approach...Alex Perez tries from the far side, but Campbell had that shot figured out, and he will keep the ball out of the net...and there's nothing doing scoring wise so far.

Back to other goal...The Broncs were getting closer...Joe Shassetz tries the side closest to him, but Haupt was waiting for him and he'll smother the shot...pretty good action so far, but no one has been able to knock one in.

Now this highlight is fooled all but one looked like the shot went wide...but here's what happened...and we'll play it again...part of the netting was not secured to the goal frame and the ball slipped through the hole. The only person who realized it, was the line judge and he called it a goal. So the credit goes to Colter Carzoli, and the visitors would take a 1-nothing lead, going into halftime.

Second half...both teams now going in the opposite direction...the goal post is a goalie's best friend at times...Haupt ended up missing this save attempt...thankfully the ball bounced the other way and he caught a break on that play, or else the score would have been 2-zip.

As for K-W...this was probably their best shot...Seth Romsa had the right idea by trying to shoot wide, but Campbell had just enough reach to deflect the shot away...and Sheridan would hang on to get the season opening win...1-nil.