Speed kills if you use it right.

The South boys basketball all-star team outran and out-hustled their taller counterparts from the north, mostly in the 2nd quarter, en route to a 97-85 win.

Chase Riley of Rock Springs scored 20 points for the South, and Daniel Wille of Little Snake River chipped with 17 of his own.

Chase Patridge of Powell and Colin May of Lovell led the north with 15 points each.

May hit a 3-quarter court shot at the end of the 3rd quarter.

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North: 18-12-24-31 = 85

South: 22-30-21-24 = 97

North Scorers:

Cory Peck (Natrona) - 10

Kalob Rodriguez (Buffalo) - 3

Colin May (Lovell) - 15

Adam VanNorman (Midwest) - 2

Stephen Yellowtail (Tongue River) - 8

Mitchell Baker (Dubois) - 3

Brady Gulde (Cody) - 12

Taylor Millay (Glenrock) - 7

Chase Patridge (Powell) - 15

Austin Roberts (Lander) - 8

South Scorers:

Daniel Wille (Little Snake River) - 17

David Nelson (Wheatland) - 8

Rocco O'Neill (Evanston) - 4

Miles Englehart (Little Snake River) - 8

Matt Eddington (Evanston) - 7

Chase Riley (Rock Springs) - 20

Rex Stanley (Little Snake River) - 8

Tate Hilgenkamp (Laramie) - 9

Tyler Chandler (Evanston) - 7

Thomas Koenig (Saratoga) - 7



It’s always good to get the first dollar. He’ll be a multi-billionaire before you know it.

North vs. South in the Wyoming Coaches Association All-Star game…first quarter…north wearing the brown…down 2-nothing but it pays to have a big man on your team…Taylor Millay of Glenrock is 6’8” and that helps with offensive rebounds and putbacks…he scored 7 and this game is tied at 2.

The south did not have the height, but they did have the speed…Chase Riley of Rock Springs is ahead of the pack…his team-mates find him and he finds the first 2 of his 20 points, to make the score, 4-to-2.

They did pretty good with long-balls as well…here’s Tate Hilgenkamp of Laramie at the top of the key…and he’s opening the door for 3…9 points for the Plainsmen…the south is up 7-to-2.

The north kept hanging around and did well at scoring inside…here’s Chase Patridge of Powell proving my point as he would lead his squad with 15 points…but his team is down 9-to-4.

They’d catch up…that’s Austin Roberts of Lander on the far side lighting up 3 of his own…8 points for the Tigers and north only trails 9-to-7.

That was about as close as they would get..Daniel Wille of Little Snake River breezes right by his opponent…he did that in football as well…17 points for the Rattler…it’s 11-to-7 in favor of the south.

Now watch the ball movement on this one…great pass from David Nelson of Wheatland, to Thomas Koenig of Saratoga…that’s just good team-work…the Panther scored 7 to make this a 15-to-7 contest.

The north could do that as well…Stephen Yellowtail of Tongue River, gives it up, gets it back and finishes for 2 of his 8…it’s an all star game…they can do that…north still trails 15-to-9.

Let’s get someone else in here…how about Rex Stanley of Little Snake River…he sees the road-block and just decides to go over it and that got him a bucket…he chipped in with 8 to put his team ahead, 17-to-12.

The north would put something together again…this is Colin May of Lovell…and he may put in 3 of his 15…you’ll see him later with an unbelievable shot…his team is down by 2…it’s 17-15.

The 3-bombs were going in on both sides and it made for a lot of points…here’s Kalob Rodriguez of Buffalo getting in on the act…he’ll get a friendly bounce before that ball will drop in. The Bison put up 5, and it’s a 1 point contest…19-18, but it did not stay that way for long…Miles Englehart of Little Snake River is waiting to strike back and he will…another Rattler with 8 points…the south was up 22-to-18 after the first 10 minutes.

2nd quarter…this game would stay close for a little while longer…here’s Adam VanNorman of Midwest coming in the backdoor for the North…that was his only contribution in the game, but it only has his team down 22-20.

They were doing just enough to slow the opposition down and set up their shots…Patridge takes aim and strikes again…the Panther had the strategy…north trails 24-23.

But then the flood gates opened and the south took over…Riley was not going to get around his defender so he’ll just launch from long range and hit it…that was the beginning of the end…it’s 28-23.

Moving ahead…Hilgenkamp near the same spot as the last highlight…ring ‘em up…it did not take long for this game to get out of hand…we’ll let you know more in a moment.

At times, the south was just too fast and here’s another example…Tyler Chandler of Evanston was in the right place at the right time…to cap off a 19-zip run…the lead inflated to 20 points…it’s now 43-to-23

The north was in desperate need of points and they’d take anything…May will get a few friendly bounces and the scoring drought for his team finally ends, but they’re down 43-to-25.

Who else have we not shown…let’s try Brady Gulde of Cody…he was asking for it, and he’ll put in a nice turn around jumper…12 points were his numbers…the north is still down a lot…43-27.

Of course the south was not going to cut them any slack…this play got some oooh’s and aaah’s from the crowd and Stanley got the finish on a great play that the south was working on…they now lead 49-to-27.

This next highlight was pretty good as well…Wille gets the loose ball…worms his way through traffic and scores…the south scored as many points in the 2nd quarter, as the north did in the entire first half…the score was 52-to-30 going into the locker room.

3rd quarter…the damage had already been done, but the north kept trying…Roberts strikes for 3 to try to make the score a little more respectable…north is down 52-to-33 at this point.

They kept trying, and on this play I think the south defense let them in…Cory Peck of Natrona had an all too easy path to the hoop…he scored in double digits with 10…but his team is still down 52-to-36.

But any hopes of a comeback got thwarted with a few timely 3’s….case in point Hilgenkamp will kill any momentum that the opposition was building with that long bomb…south leads 55-to-36.

We’re trying to get everyone in on the act…lets show Matt Eddington of Evanston…drives, hoop and the hack…he would convert on the 3-point play…that made it 58-to-36.

Later…Wille…looking to go N-B-A range and he’s got a hot hand…he was doing it all…now the scoreboard reads, 68-to-44.

The small school players were getting their moments as well…here’s Mitchell Baker of Dubois with his only 3-point contribution…the Ram gets it to go…and the north is down, 71-to-49.

Now you’ve probably seen this one already, but we’ll show it again…it’s one of the few things that went right for the north…May says what the heck…the clock is running out…he got it! From 3-quarters court…he’s going to remember that one for a long time…north trails 73-to-54 going into the final 10 minutes.

4th quarter…we’ll show a few more highlights before we wrap this up…watch the fake by Partridge…he did not get the camera though, but that’s worth showing…his team is down 77-to-60.

Actually Patridge was the one making the moves late in the game…take the bounce pass, puts up the shot…and 1…nothing like showing off once in a while…it’s 77-to-63.

Ok…last one…we’ll give it to Riley…he’s thinking about it…still thinking about it…Plan B…for 3…in the end the south’s speed was too much, and they would cruise to a win…97-to-85.