Video highlights and photos of the Saturday, May 3rd, 3A Boys Soccer game, between #4 Star Valley vs. #2 Buffalo, played in Lander.

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After a back and forth affair, the Braves managed to slip one past the Bison with 7 minutes to go, to win a rematch of last year's state championship game.



Eight straight hours of soccer...and no shade to be found. See what I have to go through to keep all the scores up to date? Yes I know, I need more suntan lotion.

#4 Star Valley vs. #2 Buffalo...a rematch of last year's state championship game...and we're playing it in Lander...first half...Star Valley wearing the yellow...Dayne Abrams tries a grounder, but Hamp Gunderman will ground out that shot...and that was it for the first 40 score going into halftime.

Second half...both teams now going in the other direction...Buffalo is going to give it a try...and goalie Ammon Guild almost bit off more than he could chew on this save...he almost lost the ball twice, but recovered just in time to avoid a potential disaster...and keep this game scoreless.

About 7 minutes to go...the Braves had a plan...Abrams delivers the corner kick...the Bison defense and the camera both fell for the fake on the initial try...Robby Smith ended up being the one to slip the ball past Gunderman and in for the goal...that was a long time coming and last year's 3A state runner-ups have struck and they lead 1-to-nothing.

Time is starting to run out and the defending 3A champs need an equalizer...good ball on this set up...not sure who it was that ended up taking the shot, but it was a great idea...however Guild reacted just in time to preserve the shutout...and Star Valley would get a big non-conference victory...winning 1-nil.