Coaches of the year for the 2014-2015 Winter Sports Season, have been named by the Wyoming Coaches Association.

Special Sports (Skiing): Rick Stonehouse - Cody

3A Boys Swimming: Bruce Gresly - Lander

4A Boys Swimming: Bridger Miller - Kelly Walsh

Wrestling Assist: TJ Bartell - Moorcroft

2A Wrestling: Charlie Williams - Moorcroft

3A Wrestling: Nate Urbach - Powell

4A Wrestling: Tom Seamans - Campbell County

Indoor Track (Girls): Mark Kelting - Campbell County

Indoor Track (Boys): Rosie Brown - Natrona County

Basketball Assist (Girls): Troy Hildebrand - Powell

Basketball Assist (Boys): Ryan Mader - Buffalo

1A Basketball (Girls): Briant Teichert - Cokeville

2A Basketball (Girls): Bart Trautwein - Southeast

3A Basketball (Girls): Scott McKenzie - Powell

4A Basketball (Girls): Mitch Holst - Campbell County

1A Basketball (Boys): Matthew Davidson - Burlington

2A Basketball (Boys): Justin Walker - Wind River

3A Basketball (Boys): John Hepp - Buffalo

4A Basketball (Boys): Shawn Gillum - Natrona County