Members of the Wyoming Coaches Association have announced the rosters for the 2015 All-Star Volleyball Game, to be played at Casper College on Saturday, July 25th.

The game pits the North vs. the South beginning at 1pm.

This is for recently graduated seniors only, and was also subject to a player's availability.

Each class must have representation.

Players will start practice on Wednesday, July 22nd.

North Roster:

Sierra Bartsch - Natrona

Lauren Lyons - Kelly Walsh

Sofia Hof - Kelly Walsh

Shelby McFerrin - Gillette

Kiley Ridgway - Riverton

Dylan Wright - Sheridan

Jenni Lee Ebersberger - Powell

Sakoya Jones - Worland

Emilee Reasch - Lovell

McKinzie Taylor - Big Horn

Annika Dechert - Shoshoni

Hannah Bauernfeind - Hulett

North Head Coach: Wenett Martin - Wright

North Assistant Coach: Adrian McNamee - Riverton

North Assistant Coach: Traci Schladweiler - Wright


South Roster: Update on July 9th...Kasey Turnbull of Green River added in.

Alexis Brown - Evanston

Kyra Marlatt - Cheyenne Central

Sophie Seely - Cheyenne Central

Alye Wagner - Cheyenne Central

Kasey Turnbull - Green River

Caitlan Boe - Douglas

Hannah Bugas - Mountain View

Madison Vitt - Mountain View

Madison Pragnell - Southeast

Ann Wingeleth - Lyman

Gabrielle Lee Wollert - Lingle-Ft. Laramie

Carol Tonga - Cokeville

South Head Coach: Angela Sweep - Mountain View

South Assistant Coach: Roxanne Jolovich - Southeast

South Assistant Coach: Taffy Micheli - Mountain View