The 2010-2011 Wyoming High School Rodeo Season has concluded, and now it's time for cowboys and cowgirls to start preparing for the High School National Finals Rodeo, to be held July 17th-23rd at the Cam-Plex in Gillette.

Competitors earn points based on what place they finished in, during various rodeos, throughout the fall season of 2010, and the spring season of 2011. The top 4 point totals in each event, are invited to compete at the HSNFR.

The invitees are as follows. Those that finished in 1st place, are state champions.


1st: Neil Williams - Mills

2nd: Ace Thurston - Lance Creek

3rd: Seth Coursen - Evansville

4th: Trey Gladson - Gillette

Alternate: Tanner Nauta - Douglas

Pole Bending:

1st: (TIE) Mattie Hepp (Gillette) AND Shana Lyons (Lander)

3rd: Rachel Taylor - Ten Sleep

4th: Amber Robinson - Pinedale

Alternate: Shyann Lucas - Jackson

Team Roping:

1st: Cameron Irwin (Buffalo) and Logan Milligan (Torrington)

2nd: Garrett Grieve (Baggs) and Coley Nicholls (Kinnear)

3rd: Austin Eller (Glendo) and Justin Prewitt (Guernsey)

4th: Trever Nelson (Moorcroft) and Tanner Judge (Jackson)

Alternate: Treyele and Brockston Gotschall - Laramie

Goat Tying:

1st: Emily Faber - Rozet

2nd: Kassidy Scott - Douglas

3rd: Coralee Spratt - Lysite

4th: K.L. Spratt - Lysite

Alternate: Shana Lyons - Lander

Saddle Bronc:

1st: Colton Miller - Lance Creek

2nd: Neil Williams - Mills

3rd: Ryan Ellenson - Gillette

4th: Wiley King - Casper

Alternate: Ace Thurston - Lance Creek


1st: K.L. Spratt - Lysite

2nd: Hayli Bonham - Laramie

3rd: Emily Faber - Rozet

4th: Ameila McGuire - Wheatland

Alternate: Coralee Spratt - Lysite

Steer Wrestling:

1st: Avery Jamerman - Wheatland

2nd: Ace Thurston - Lance Creek

3rd: Austin Eller - Glendo

4th: Casey Collins - Sheridan

Alternate: Dusty Moore - Douglas

Barrel Racing:

1st: Chandler Markel - Scottsbluff, NE

2nd: Teal Stoll - Pavillion

3rd: Kassidy Kruse - Gillette

4th: Emily Faber - Rozet

Alternate: Coralee Spratt - Lysite

Calf Roping:

1st: Cole Robinson - Moorcroft

2nd: Logan Murphy - Torrington

3rd: Dusty Moore - Douglas

4th: J.W. Thrush - Gillette

Alternate: Frank Enos - Ft. Washakie

Bull Riding:

1st: Hawk Whitt - Thermopolis

2nd: Bryce Burnell - Arvada

3rd: Cole Ponce - Big Horn

4th: Drew Antone - Kinnear

Alternate: Neil Williams - Mills

Boys Cutting:

1st: (TIE) Trapper Rieniets (Gillette) AND Colby Thurston (Lance Creek)

Girls Cutting:

1st: Taylor Rieniets (Gillette)

2nd: Taylor Mason (Casper)

3rd: K.L. Spratt (Lysite)

4th: Faith Carson (Arvada)

Alternate: Lacee Good (Greybull)