They are the best in the Cowboy State for 2014…now it’s time to see how they stack up to the rest of the USA.

27 wrestlers from various Wyoming high schools are competing at the 2014 National High School Coaches Association Folkstyle Wrestling National Championship Tournament in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

It’s seniors vs. seniors, juniors vs. juniors, and so forth, as grapplers try to place in the top 8 nationally in their weight class, which is what is need to gain All-American status.

Wrestlers begin competition on Friday, March 28th.

Competition starts each day at 7am Mountain Time.

The Freshmen and Sophomore finals are scheduled to begin on Sunday, March 30th at 3pm Mountain Time.

The Junior and Senior finals are scheduled to begin on Sunday, March 30th at 5pm Mountain Time.

Tevis Bartlett of Cheyenne East is a 2-time National Champion at this event.

Wrestlers are listed by grade level, weight class, where they placed at the state tournament in February/March, 2014, and their record at nationals.

2 losses and you're out, unless you make it far enough into the bracket.

Freshmen 106 lbs.: Austin Cunningham (Gillette) - 0-2.

Freshmen 113 lbs.: Cole Reiner (Buffalo) - 3-2

Freshmen 126 lbs.: Hayden Hastings (Sheridan) - 2-2

Freshmen 132lbs.: Seth Green (Cheyenne East) - 1-2

Freshmen 145lbs.: Carlos Looney (Laramie) - 5-2  7th Place and All-American.

Sophomore 120 lbs.: Tucker Goss (Sheridan) - 3-2

Sophomore 120 lbs.: Taylor Jeffries (Gillette) - 7-2 4th Place and All-American.

Sophomore 120 lbs.: Kaleb Dooley (Cheyenne East) - 1-2

Sophomore 126 lbs.: Nathan Parris (Cheyenne Central) - 0-2

Sophomore 126 lbs.: Trenton Eldridge (Cheyenne East) - 0-2

Junior 113 lbs.: Cole Verner (Green River) - 3-2

Junior 113 lbs.: Braxton Cooper (Sheridan) - 2-2

Junior 113 lbs.: Kyle Burton (Sheridan) - 1-2

Junior 132 lbs.: Isaac Garcia (Cheyenne East) - 2-2

Junior 132 lbs.: Levi Romsa (Cheyenne East) - 0-2

Junior 138 lbs.: Dylan Trujillo (Cheyenne East) - 1-2

Junior 145 lbs.: Daniel Hammond (Cheyenne South) - 2-2

Junior 195 lbs.: Tevis Bartlett (Cheyenne East) - 5-1 3rd Place and All-American.

Junior 195 lbs.: Tory Music (Sheridan) - 1-2

Junior 285 lbs.: Micah Burke (Cheyenne South) - 0-2

Senior 126 lbs.: Evan Smith (Gillette) - 3-2

Senior 132 lbs.: Bryce Meredith (Cheyenne Central) - 5-2 5th Place and All-American.

Senior 145 lbs.: Alex LaCasse (Gillette) - 1-2

Senior 145 lbs.: Kristopher Miller (Gillette) - 4-2. Missed All-American by 1 match.

Senior 182 lbs.: Carson Mock (Gillette) - 0-2

Senior 182 lbs.: Cody Delk (Sheridan) - 0-2

Senior 195 lbs.: Brendon MacKearney (Gillette) - 1-2

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