Video highlights of the Saturday, June 28th, 6-man football game, between the Wyoming All-Stars vs. Nebraska, played in Bladen, NE.

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Team Wyoming ran over Nebraska with 9 rushing touchdowns, to move to 3-0 lifetime in the series.

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I'll give you one guess as to who made a very smart business decision to come to this game. It is summer-time after all!

It's the Wyoming 6-man football all-stars vs. Nebraska in the 3rd annual shootout in Bladen, Nebraska...first quarter...Nebraska wearing the red...this is the first play from scrimmage and they meant business...Travis Hoover of Hyannis to Wes Anderjaska of Wauneta-Palisade...and the latter is clocking in early...65 yards...we've only played 14 seconds of this game and the score is already 6-to-nothing.

It only took Wyoming about 1 minute to respond...this is Seth Bennett from Meeteetse...he's following the plan...and then realized he was heading toward the Nebraska sideline...he'll reverse course and find the camera...he has one defender in pursuit but watch this hit...Cameron Ray of Midwest just laid out Zac Petersen of Silver Lake...Bennett scores on a 33-yard run, plus a 2-point kick, to put his team ahead 8-to-6.

After a turnover on downs...the visitors were at it again...this is Sterling Baker of Dubois...if you saw what he did late in the Shrine Bowl...then you know this play was similar...when it was all said and done...5 guys missed and he's taking off for 49 yards. He and his 6-man team-mates were not messing the score is 14-to-6.

After another turnover on comes more...this is Story Penning of Hulett...and I don't think anyone touched him...16 yards is a short distance in 6-man...Wyoming was establishing control, up 20-to-6 after the first 10 minutes.

2nd quarter...they could do more than run...there was some passing in this game...Ray is going to find a wide open Andrew Engleman...also of Midwest...he might have scored had he not been looking behind him...still this play ended up being a 46-yard pickup down to the Nebraska 14.

A few plays were designed specifically for the Midwest Oilers...after a penalty backed them up...Ray is looking for his other team-mate...Kasey Guseman...27 yards...Guseman juggles and the ref says no...that would have been awesome, but our angle was blocked so it's hard to tell...good effort though.

On the other end of the field...the home team was trying to put its act back together...Jericho Vieyra (Vee-air-a) of Maywood wants to run, but the road is blocked...then he finds Phillip Parker of Sioux County 6 yards away and the easy road is sometimes the best way to go...they are right back in this game, trailing 20-to-12.

This is was not a bad time to pull out a trick play...Nebraska onsides the ensuing kickoff...Wyoming can't handle it and Parker will get his second straight highlight with the recovery at the opposing 38-yard line and they were in business again.

...or so they thought...on the next play...disaster struck...Vieyra tries to take off...Austin Tharp of Dubois got a hand on the ball and knocked it loose...Tucker Even of Midwest gets the recovery and now his team can get back to doing what they were doing.

A couple of plays later...they would do it...Bennett gets the call...good assist by Penning...his block will spring Bennett loose for 35 yards untouched...the visitors continue to build on their up 26-to-12.

Moving on...this time Wyoming pulls off the's a reverse to Tate Stinson of Saratoga and he has a lot of open field ahead of him...43-yards and one potential tackler who will not stop the Panther...that would make this a 32-to-12 contest, going into the locker room.

Third quarter...and just like the first quarter...this also is the first play from scrimmage...Bennett again...he's heading to the CanAm games to play for Team USA and here's 45 more reasons why he got invited...he impressed some coaches in Texas last year as well. This game is starting to get a little one sided, with the scoreboard reading 39-to-12.

Here comes the defense...Vierya is trying to make something happen for the home team, but this play was not meant to be...Stinson will tip this pass and Bennett will haul it in for the interception...he'll get a decent return on it, but a block in the back penalty would back them's all good...Wyoming has the ball again...that is what matters.

Baker would have a TD run called back on a on the next play...they would try something else...Penning again...he too will hit the brakes and sees that the Wyoming side of the field has more room to run...49 yards untouched...the visitors were running all over the place in this game, and now lead 45-to-12.

At this point...the home team was getting desperate...and they were trying just about the fake punt...Vierya is going to uncork a long one, and this is one of the plays that worked...Anderjaska was in the right place at the right time for a 43-yard pickup down to the Wyoming 20...and there was still some life left in the Cornhusker State players.

Later...they would roll the dice again...going for it on 4th and 9 from the 14...Vierya will take matters into his own hands and weave his way through the defense and find the promised land...Nebraska still had a long way to go, trailing 45-to-20 at this point.

Back to the other end...Wyoming was back at work...Baker will leap his way in from 3 yards out...he's also going to the Can-Am's a 52-20 score...and that was the score 2 years ago with Wyoming trailing, before they pulled off a miracle comeback.

...but the defense would make sure that history did not repeat itself...Ray is going to bust through the line...and get to Jacob Dibbern of Maywood...who unfortunately for him, was in the end zone, so that's a safety. 2 more points, and the visitors were up 54-to-20, going into the final 10 minutes.

4th was pretty clear at this point which team was going to win...but they still had to keep playing...Guseman will get his touchdown on this 13-yard run, to make the score a little more's 61-to-20.

In this game...they did not hand out any MVP awards unlike past years...but if they did this year...Ray would have gotten the defensive honors...he laid out several Nebraska players, and Daniel Stock of St. Edward was next victim.

As for the offensive honors...Bennett...3 TD's runs...and a TD throw...this one an 11-yard pass to Stinson...that was the only passing touchdown of the game for Wyoming, on top of 9 rushing it's 68-to-20.

Credit to Nebraska...they did not quit, even though they were out-matched...they would get the last score of the game as Anderjaska will go 17-yards for Austin Miller of St. they tried to make the final outcome a little more respectable. for Team Wyoming Coach Matthew Jensen of Meeteese...he looks like he could use a bath. His first year of coaching 6-man football, and he led the Longhorns to a state championship. Well done!

Team Wyoming makes it 3-0 life-time vs. Nebraska. They kept the trophy by running over the Cornhusker state...almost literally...68-to-26.