The rosters for the 47th annual Wyoming Shrine Bowl All-Star football game have been released by Executive Director Frank Selby.

The game will take place on Saturday, June 13, 2020, at Cheney Alumni Field from Natrona County High School. Also announced were the alternates, plus student managers, student trainers, and adult athletic trainers.

The North Team features 17 players that participated in a state championship game last November in Laramie.

North Team Roster: (the list of players is in no particular order)

Mason Hamilton, Thunder Basin

Caleb Driskill, Thunder Basin

Blaine Allen, Thunder Basin

Tanner Richards, Thunder Basin

Garrett Coon, Sheridan

Ryan Sessions, Sheridan

Ethan Johnson, Sheridan

Toby Jacobs, Sheridan

Hunter Hays, Cody

Jeff Williams, Cody

Duncan Radakovich, Cody

Keith Connor, Cody

Carson Olsen, Powell

Ryan Good, Powell

Matt Seckman, Powell

Phoenix Wilson, Natrona

Jonathan True, Natrona

Nick Frimml, Natrona

Rowan Ruby, Buffalo

Hunter Pope, Buffalo

Dawson Hatch, Buffalo

Nolan Rader, Big Horn

Will Pelissier, Big Horn

Cutler Bradshaw, Big Horn

Devon Mercado, Worland

Luke Mortimer, Worland

Zane Taylor, Riverton

Caden Werbelow, Riverton

Ty Massey, Lander

Kevin Flores, Jackson

Dustin Harvey, Thermopolis

Coy Trainor, Lovell

Vijay Pitter, Campbell County

Kevin Anderson, Kelly Walsh

Dax Yeradi, Wright

Asa Eldredge, Meeteetse

The alternates, chosen in case a player cannot play due to injury or another conflict, are as follows:

Rowdy Pfeil, Moorcroft

Hunter Harris, Lovell

Dante Wallace, Natrona

Kyler Ostler, Big Horn

Dale Eliason, Campbell County

Warren Carr, Thunder Basin

Jarron Mortimore, Thermopolis

Jhett Letellier, Hulett

Jevon Davis, Kelly Walsh

John Fawson, Lander

Zeb Goodrich, Wright

Jaydon Caylor, Upton/ Sundance

The student manager is Alexa Bradshaw and the student trainer is Iyanna Garcia.

Alan Hill of Powell is the North Team Adult Athletic Trainer.

The North Team is coached by Aaron Papich of Powell.

The South Team features 13 players that participated in a state championship game last November in Laramie.

South Team Roster: (the list of players is in no particular order)

Teagan Elliott, Big Piney

Boe Clayson, Burns

Ben Banville, Burns

Kaden Lakin, Burns

Dawson Macleary, Cheyenne Central

Chance Aumiller, Cheyenne East

Randel (Ox) Schroeder, Cheyenne East

Christian Anderton, Cheyenne East

Garrett King, Cokeville

AJ Yeaman, Douglas

Edel Diaz-Jaime, Douglas

Cooper Gamble, Douglas

Payton Tucker, Green River

Thomas Harvey, Green River

Connor McGraw, Hanna/ Elk Mountain

Shane McGraw, Hanna/ Elk Mountain

Riggen Myers, Little Snake River

Hagen Lamoreaux, Lyman

Braeden Walk, Mountain View

Kimball Madsen, Mountain View

Hunter Gross, Mountain View

Briggin Bluemel, Mountain View

Breckin Barnes, Mountain View

Damien Molzahn, Niobrara County

Kyle Thurin, Pine Bluffs

Brian Steger, Pine Bluffs

Kadin Forney, Rawlins

Connor Mendez, Rawlins

Randon Gresham, Rock Springs

Justis Reese, Rock Springs

Carson Tyler, Rock Springs

Chase Merrell, Star Valley

Dean Shaw, Star Valley

RJ Cazier, Star Valley

Branden McDonald, Star Valley

Corbin Harris, Torrington

The alternates were chosen in case a player cannot play due to injury or another conflict are as follows:

Bryan Pluid, Big Piney

Aiden Montoya, Big Piney

Cody Pinkerton, Douglas

Janson Adair, Laramie

Karter Evans, Little Snake River

Wyatt Duncan, Little Snake River

Chase Petty, Rock Springs

Hazen Erickson, Star Valley

James Erickson, Star Valley

Bryson Jenkins, Star Valley

Trent Clark, Star Valley

Kobey Preuit, Wheatland

The student manager is Jesus Sanchez, while the student trainer is Dini Haberman.

Riverton’s Paige Nolan will serve as the Adult Athletic Trainer for the South Team.

The South Team is coached by Brent Walk of Mountain View.

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