The state of Wyoming has had some terrific high school athletes perform at very high levels over the last decade.

That got us at WyoPreps thinking. Who do you think the top ones are? WyoPreps knows fans have opinions and can have more insight than those of us in the media sometimes see. Thus, we’re starting a fun debate.

Who would you stick on the “Mt. Rushmore” of Wyoming High School sports athletes from 2010 through 2021? Yes, we know that's a little longer than one decade.

WyoPreps is taking nominations through of the persons you think so be up there. We’re looking for the athlete’s name, the school they represented, and why you feel they belong among the top four? All nominations will be accepted for athletes that graduated from 2010-to-this year. No current athletes will be considered with their careers continuing.

The nomination deadline is on Monday, July 12, 2021.

WyoPreps will then narrow it down to the top submitted athletes and put it to a fan vote. That’s right, we’ll gather the info and then let you help choose the best four.

Also, if you have a photo of the athlete, WyoPreps wants it for the fan vote. You can email it to

So what do you say Wyoming, who do you think belongs up there?

Submit your nominee here:

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