Lander will host the 3A state qualifying games to be played the weekend of Friday May 11th and Saturday, May 12th.

First place teams in each quadrant automatically qualify for the state tournament and do not have to play until then.

Second and third place teams meet with northwest teams playing southeast teams, and southwest vs. northeast.

It's one win and you're in the tournament...lose and you are done for the season.

If the score is tied after overtime, teams will go into shootout mode to determine a winner.

First place in the southwest is still up for grabs between Star Valley and Jackson. The 2 teams tied the first time, and they meet again at Jackson, on Tuesday, May 8th. The winner gets first place and if the teams tie again, then we'll have to examine the tie-breakers.

Friday, May 11th:

(#3 SE) Rawlins vs. (#2 NW) Worland - 3pm Winner plays Star Valley or Jackson at state tournament.

(#3 NE) Douglas vs. (#2 SW) Star Valley or Jackson - 5pm Winner plays Lander at state tournament.

Saturday, May 12th:

(#3 SW) Pinedale vs. (#2 NE) Newcastle - Noon Winner plays Cody at state tournament.

(#3 NW) Powell vs. (#2 SE) Torrington - 2pm Winner plays Buffalo at state tournament.