Highlights of the Saturday, December 17th boys basketball game between Cody and #5 Wheatland.

Watch the highlights of the game!



If only all locker rooms were fully equipped with fooseball tables…I mean after all…basketball players need something to do during halftime!

Cody vs. Number 5 Wheatland…this game being played in Douglas…first quarter…Wheatland wearing the white…and they were doing what they do best…shooting 3’s…Ryan Madsen starts the party off with a bang and the Bulldogs take a 7-to-6 lead.

As for Cody…they kept the sparklers going and kept it close…Brady Gulde gets the turn-around jumper to go…13 points for the Bronc senior and his team is only down 9-to-8.

This game went back and forth for awhile with neither team being able to build a big lead…nice floater by Dusty Nipper…we’re tied at 12.

The Broncs would answer right back…Brandon Hinzee will get the ball up and over…and gets a friendly bounce for 2 points…things were knotted up a 14 points a-piece after the first 8 minutes.

2nd quarter…not too much going on as far as field goals went…a lot of free throws and that’s not worth showing…but this 3-ball by Shad Moir is…that would put Cody up 17-14.

Wheatland had a little luck on their side sometimes…Tyler Pollock was in the right place at the right time for the loose ball…and then he’ll get an assist from the rim and 2 points…Bulldogs go up 21-19.

Now this next highlight for the Broncs required some skill, but you can tell they’ve been practicing…nice reverse lay-in by Hinzee, that’s worth looking at…Cody would take a 25-23 lead going into halftime.

3rd quarter…the Broncs would try to open up some breathing room…they pass up the 3…and settle for Gulde’s long 2 instead…hey it got points on the board and the score is now 27-23.

Wheatland kept hanging around as well…David Nelson would get in on the act with 2 of his 11 points…and the Bulldogs are only down 27-25.

Cody would then take a page out of their opponents playbook…Cody Hult is in the corner…causing trouble and made plenty of it…his team is enjoying their biggest lead of the game…up 30-to-25.

The lead would actually grow to 7, but then Wheatland would start getting it in gear…Nelson chips in again with the lay in…but his team was still down 32-27 going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter…here’s where things got really interesting…the pace of the game would pick immensly! Madsen slips in the back door for a bucket and Wheatland was getting closer…down 33-29.

Then Cody was in a giving mood…after all it is the holiday season…Madsen is going to stuff his stocking by the chimney with care..and the foul…and last year’s state runner ups have the momentum only down by 2.

Madsen would lead his team with 14 and he was on fire…and he comes another gan can. Boom! We got ourselves a brand new ball game…tied up at 34.

Cody would buck the trend however and regroup…Moir is going to get 3 the old fashioned way…gets the bump and the whistle…that would put his team back up 37-34.

The Bulldogs though were playing a lot more aggresively…Nelson will stop pop and hit for 2 more…and it’s back to a 1 point affair…37-36

Team-work was getting the job done as well…Madsen with the nice assist to Cam Boughton and he’ll get the finish and his team grabs the lead back…up 38-37.

I mentioned Wheatland was being aggressive but sometimes they overdid it…like on this play here…Moir has a path to the hoop and by the time a backup defender arrived it was too late…Cody back up 39-38.

And then at times…Wheatland’s defense was just…not there…that was too easy for Gulde but he’s not going to pass up that chance…Cody leads 41-38.

But then Wheatland’s defense showed up…Madsen gets the swipe and takes off the other way…no dunk this time, but he got his 2 points…Bulldogs still down 41-40.

Time is starting to run low and points are being more more critical at this point…Nelson let ‘er fly and here comes 3 of them…that was huge as his team goes back up by a count of 45-41.

Cody wasn’t done just yet however…Hinze is behind the referee…and behind the 3-point line which is where he needed to be…this game is close…45-44 Cody still trailing.

We got about 17 seconds to go and and we’ve moved the camera to the other end of the court…someone forgot about Madsen on this play…Wheatland has some much needed breathing room…up 47-44…cody needs 3 to tie and the Bulldogs would D up on the Broncs…Someone is open on the far side for 3…they got a chance but that shot hit nothing but air…Wheatland gets the rebound as the clock expires…and the Bulldogs hang for the win…47-44.