Highlights of the Friday, February 3rd boys basketball game between #1 Little Snake River at St. Stephens.

Watch the highlights of the game!



We need to get these girls the proper music…then they might give Scotty at the Casper Events Center, a run for his money.

Number 1 Little Snake River at St. Stephens…first quarter…Little Snake River wearing the purple…Rex Stanley will score on the inbounds catch and release to get the Rattlers on the scoreboard first…up 2-to-nothing.

The defending 1A state champs were on the run early and often…this is Connor Lee firing one from just underneath the camera…and that Rattler is a smooth snake…the visitors jump out to a 5-zip lead.

There was more to come and you’re going to see this type of play more than once…Lee with the alley-oop to Stanley and that’s what team-work is supposed to do…LSR goes up 7-to-nothing.

They were doing everything early on against the opposition…offense, defense, transition…you name it…Lee strikes again to give the Rattlers a 9-zip advantage.

St. Stephens had a hard time getting out of the blocks…it took 4 and one-half minutes for them to get their first field goal…Cole LittleShield finally breaks the drought but the Eagles are still down 9-to-2.

As for the visitors…I can’t quite if they have almost everyone back from last year, or if they really have everyone back from last year…either way, they have a lot of experience…Lee gets the hoop and the hack…18 points for the junior…the 3 point play made it 12-to-2.

Speaking of experience…well…St. Stephens lost a lot of it when Jay Brown graduated and this team has some big shoes to fill…Andrew Bearing will clean up his own miss and score to make it a 12-to-4 contest.

However…last year’s state runner-ups kept trying…you can not fault them for that…Littleshield scores off of the miss and his team is still trailing 12-to-6.

The Rattlers came into this game undefeated…and Miles Englehart was looking to keep it that way…here’s the first 3 of his 17 points…LSR was up 15-to-8 after the first 8 minutes.

2nd quarter…Little Snake River was still striking in many ways…Stanley gets the turn-over…gives it up…gets it back…alley-oop…just another day at the office…the scoreboard reads 17-to-8.

Despite that…the Eagles did have some defensive sparks…Lakota Oldman with the mash from behind…that’s how you stop a snake…a least for a little while.

Who else have we not shown yet? How about Daniel Wille? He’ll take the assist and he knows what to do with it. 12 points for the senior and the score is doubled up at 22-to-11.

More defense…Englehart is going to pick a pocket and he likes what he found…he’s got to work on his dunks just a little bit though…don’t let go of the ball too early, but he got the ball to drop and it got him the 2…Rattlers lead 24-to-11.

Here comes another alley-oop…you think the defense would’ve wisened up by now…Wille and Stanley hook up on this one and the score is doubled up with LSR out in front, 26-to-13.

St. Stephens had their moments and we’ll try to show a few of them…Oldman will get the swipe and he’ll take off the other way for the lay-in on the far side…but his team needed a lot more plays like that down 26-to-15.

I said they had their moments…and then they had their other moments…not sure who that pass was intended for, but Lee will end up with it and score again…Little Snake River was taking control with a 28-15 lead.

On the other end…the Eagles kept on playing…despite the situation…Englehart though made it a little bit worse with the rejection…but the home team would recover…you see Oldman is wide open at the top of the key…he was standing on the line so this shot is only going for 2…but every little bit would help…St. Stephens is still down 30-to-17 at this point.

But if you want to shoot a 3…you got to know where to stand…Wille is in the corner…behind the line and showing them how it’s done…the Rattlers were in firm control of this game, up 37-to-17 going into the locker room.

3rd quarter…the rout is already on, so we’re not going to waste too much more of your time…nice jumper by Wille…that one was highlight worthy…LSR pushes their lead up to 39-17.

We got to get someone else in here for the opposition…Steven Monroe would lead the Eagles with 16 points and there’s 2 of them on this play…a comeback at this point though was not looking promising with the score at 39-to-19.

St. Stephens would keep trying to take flight…Monroe will try from behind the arc and that’s a little bit more like it. The senior was trying to take charge although his team was down 41-to-22…but the visitors came right back and answered…Grayson Lee will get in on the act for LSR…they gave up 3 and got 2 back but they’re up 43-to-22.

Try as they might…this was not one of those games for the home team…if 4 point shots were a part of the game…maybe Monroe would bring his team back, if he kept making them at that distance….but in the end…LSR was just too much…winning 67-to-39, to remain undefeated!