Highlights of the Saturday, March 3rd Class 1A boys basketball state championship game between Little Snake River and Burlington.

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The Rattlers would cap off an undefeated season, by repeating as state champs!



I should hire this guy to wash my windows. I mean if you can see the scoreboard from the other side of the court in the reflection…you know he’s doing something right!

Little Snake River vs. Burlington for the 1A State Championship…1st quarter…Little Snake River wearing the white…Daniel Wille has a couple of defenders in his face, but that did not bother him…he’ll sink the first 2 points to get the Rattlers on the board.

Burlington would try a similar approach…Daniel Davidson would take the fade away route but it worked just the same as the Huskies would tie the game up at 2-points a piece.

Let’s get a little defense in here…Anson George…he had to reach to block that 3 but it all worked out in the end…he’ll get rewarded by finishing the fast break on the other end…and the boys in black take their first lead of the game, 4-to-2.

But the defending state champs came right back…Wille is going is slither his way in for another 2 of his 22 points and this one was pretty. That would tie up the score again at 4-points all.

The opposition would keep on mushing forward…Davidson would catch the air-ball and score another 2 of his 12 points…his team was keeping it close early on, trailing 7-to-6.

L-S-R in the meantime was spreading the love around…Rex Stanley ended up having a double-double in this game…16 points and 12 rebounds…and a few jumpers like that one…his team is up 11-to-6.

Burlington was taking advantage of their opporunities and kept on pressing forward…George will lead the charge again and get the finish…the boys in black were only down 13-to-10 after the first 8 minutes.

2nd quarter…Little Snake River is not used to having their games this close…but it did not bother them…Miles Englehart thought about going one way…then went the other, for 2 of his 17 points…Rattlers still lead 15-to-10.

The boys in black were still on the their own plan of attack…it included jumpers like this one from Nicholas Carrizales…11 points were his numbers and Burlington is only down 16-to-12…L-S-R tried to do the same thing in retaliation…it didn’t quite work but Garrett Grieve was there to catch the miss and put the ball where it belongs…that would push the score up to 18-12.

But if you want to sink a jumper…just go to someone who knows…that would be Carrizales…this one is from a little bit further way, but it got the 2 points…Huskies are still trailing 18-to-14 at this point.

The Rattlers then realized that they need to take their shots from further away…Connor Lee figured it out…he’ll drain a 3 to help the cause, to give Little Snake River a 21-to-14 advantage…and they would later go up by 9.

The boys in black knew that they were going to be in for battle…and they got one…this is Preston Wardell and that was not a travel because his pivot foot never left the ground…but he was on the line so that shot is only worth 2…his team is down 23-16.

The Rattlers were trying to step up the defense and transition..Grayson Lee will get the steal and then feed it ahead to Wille…nice moves at the end as he’ll get the lay-up for 2 points…L-S-R is maintaining a 25-to-18 advantage.

The opposition wouldn’t go away…they kept hanging around and made it interesting at times…Carrizales is on the line, so that’s only going in for 2…although the Huskies had a little more work to do, as they went into the locker room…trailing 34-to-26.

See what happens when you don’t wash your hair for 3 months? Actually…I’m starting to get an idea. I kind of like that!

3rd quarter…Little Snake River would slowly build on their lead…Wille with the alley…and Stanley provides the oop on the lay in…it’s now a 40-to-30 contest with the Rattlers still in front.

Burlington needed to bring a new dog into the pack…so they brought in Jess McNiven…he’ll make a deposit at the bank, to try to get his team a little closer, but they’re still down 40-to-32.

But then L-S-R started bringing out their long range weapons…Englehart…3-ball in the corner pokcet…nothing but net…the lead is back into double-digits with the score at 43-32.

And there was more…Stanley on the near side…bombs away…KABOOM! The Rattlers were enjoying their biggest lead so far. The scoreboard now reads 46-to-32.

The Huskies kept it together…despite the situation…Rian McIntosh will stop, pop and hit for the boys in black…but his team needed more then that, trailing 48-to-36 at this point.

They needed some points, which meant they had to start shooting from further away…Davidson will collect the loose ball and step up to the line and put in 3…but Burlington is still down by 11…it’s 50-to-39 and they need some more.

L-S-R though wasn’t going to give them anymore…They’ve won all but 1 game this season by 10 points or more and Grayson Lee was going to make sure that was not going to change anytime soon…his Rattlers were in decent shape, up 55-to-42, going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter…Burlington kept trying, but it was not looking promising…Wardell is going to add on to his 13 point total with another 2 right here…that made it 57-to-44 with his team still down.

Little Snake River…well they came into this game undefeated and they were looking to stay that way…Wille is going to find nothing but the bottom of the net on this 3…his team was cruising up 60-to-44.

Skipping ahead…the lead would swell…Connor Lee is going to stop just past the 3-point line, so he’ll have to settle for 2…but at this point I doubt he really cares…L-S-R would eventually go up 68-to-47.

The Huskies would put together a late run…Carrizales is just going to throw up the ball, and the basketball spirits would reward him with 3 points…like I said…a late run…but it was just that…late!

The Little Snake River Rattlers would polish off a perfect 28-and-oh season and repeat as the Class 1A State Champs, winning this game, 70-to-59…Their average margain of victory this season…was a whopping 28 points a game.