Highlights of the Saturday, January 7th boys basketball game between #2 Lovell at Tongue River.

Watch the highlights of the game!



Got to love modern technology…now instead of book reader at a game…we get to deal with e-book reader at a game.

Number 2 Lovell at Tongue River…first quarter…Lovell wearing the blue…and after a turnover by both teams, Dylan Hultgren will get the scoring started and that gets the Bulldogs on the board first up 2-to-nothing.

Tongue River did not take long to answer back…Stephen Yellowtail, stops pops and gets a friendly bounce off the rim before that ball drops in…the score is now tied up at 2.

The Eagles were flying early on…actually Yellowtail was, because he was doing all the scoring…here he’ll sore for another basket and that has his team out to a 7-to-2 lead.

But the Bulldogs were not going to lay down for long…this is Colin May and he may do shots like this quite often…that would put the visitors back on top by a count of 9-to-7.

And then there’s the matter of the big dog in the house…Cody Savage…a 6 foot 6 inch junior…16 points for him…not a bad day at the office…the score is now 11-to-7.

The home team would hang around…this is Matt Yellowtail with a long ball of his own…but the ref said he stepped on the line so it’s only 2 points…but his team is only down 11-to-9 which will do for the moment.

But the opposition would show them how it’s done…behind the line…May again…there’s 3 more of his 25 points in this contest…visitors still lead 14-to-9.

Lovell has a number of big guys on their team…6 guys at 6 foot 2 or taller…Morgan Baxendale is one of them…and the boys in blue are enjoying their biggest lead so far…it’s now 16-to-9.

TR was not going to go away…Jacob Moore eyes it…spies it…and buy it for 3…10 for the senior…and the Eagles are still withing striking distance, down 16-to-12.

The home team did not need to use their Eagle eyes on this one…Moore path to the hoop is mostly open…he’ll get it up and in to add to the score and we now have a 16-14 game.

Then the Bulldogs went bird hunting…May is in the corner and he says watch this birdie…he had a hot hand in the first half and his team is up 19-14.

He did not always score from long range…sometimes he tried to get a little closer…round and round and round it goes before it drops for 2…nice trick….the boys in blue led 21-16 after the first 8 minutes.

2nd quarter…TR was still keeping it close…Stephen Yellowtail scores quickly off the inbounds and his team is only down 3…it’s 21-to-18 at this point.

The Bulldogs would keep the opposition at arms length…here’s Ryan Clark getting in on the act…that 2 point contribution has the scoreboard reading, 23-18.

On the other side…eventually Matt Yellowtail learned his lesson…stay behind the line and you’ll get more points…there’s a 3-ball in the side pocket…he’s got it figured out…TR trails 25-21.

Let’s get someone else in here…how about Tanner Dockery…he added to the cause with 13 of his own points, but his team is still down 29-23.

The opposition though was starting to stretch their lead and their leash…Hultgren is digging something up…and he found it…3 of them…the lead is up to 7, at 32-25.

There was someone on the floor trying to make a fashion statement…check out the shoes on Collin McArthur…he sees blue and making the opposition see that color as well…Lovell was up 38-27 going into the locker room.

3rd quarter…Not a whole lot of excitement going on…things went slowly back and forth for the most part…here’s McKayan May introducing himself into the game wth a little off balance jumper…the boys in blue have a 15 point cushion..leading 44-to-29.

TR kept trying but the come-back trail was a pretty long one…here’s Dockery with a nice drive and finger roll finish…he’ll get the whistle and one more try for his efforts, but the Eagles are still down 44-33.

Here’s another good play involving the senior and this time it involved a little defense…sweet move at the end to get around the defender…the home team was down 49-42 going into the final 8 minutes, which is the closest they’ve been in quite sometime.

4th quarter…Lovell was not going to let the opposition get any closer…May is wide open and he’ll strike again…he’s regained his shooting touch to give his team a 56-to-44 advantage.

Let’s wrap this up…not much else was going to happen…we’ll give the last highlight to Savage who will finish the fast break turnover…as the Bulldogs would get the W in comfortable fashion…69-to-56.