Video highlights of the Saturday, March 14th 3A Boys Basketball State Championship Game, between Buffalo vs. Worland, played at the Casper Events Center.

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Thanks to a 42 point effort from junior Trey Schroefel, including a string of 21 straight, the Bison would prevail in 2 overtimes, and deny the Warriors their first state championship since 1921.



It's the Grand Poobah of the Loyal Order of Water Buffalo! I just hope he did not have to push his car with his bare feet to get to this game...that's a Flintstones joke.

Buffalo vs. Worland in the 3A State Championship game...first quarter...Buffalo wearing the white...check out the pass from Trey Schroefel to Taylor Hepp...that's how you get a game started, and their squad would jump out to an early 4-nothing lead.

It took Worland a couple of minutes to get going...they were just waiting for the right moment, and the right shot...Hoyt Nicholas's aim was right on target with this long ball and now his boys are ready...trailing 4-to-3...but that was their only field goal of the quarter.

The Bison though wanted to go on an early stampede...Hepp sees a lane...leads the charge, and lays in 2 of his 14 points...the junior was 1 rebound short of a double-double...that would push the score up to 6-to-3.

Anyone who knew this team this season...was just waiting on Schroefel to do something...the defense thought he was going for it on this play...and forgot about Kyle Boone who was wide open and he made them pay the price with that 3. The scoreboard has been tripled it's 9-to-3.

This next highlight is similar to the last one...too much defensive focus on Schroefel...not enough on Cody Ballek...that was his only 3 points of the game, but it came at a good time. Buffalo would go ahead 12-to-5, after the first 8 minutes.

Second quarter...the Warriors needed to start doing a better job of executing the battle plan if they wanted to hang around in this game...Keaton Love would provide the love on this play...that's 3 of his 10...and the score is much closer's 12-to-10.

The boys in black were starting to put it together...Mauricio Caballero squeezes through 2 defenders...gets the whistle...and the bucket...the junior would convert on the 3-point play and the lead has changed hands...13-to-12 is the score.

They were on the warpath...and Caballero was not going to take any prisoners...he's going downtown because he likes the night life baby! Worland was winning the war so ahead 20-to-12.

Caballero had a hot hand...and his team-mates knew it...just give him the ball...he's open again...where's the defense? He could do this all game long. 21 points were his numbers...and he has team ahead 23-to-14.

The Warriors have not made it this far since 1997...Love is a senior, so he was wearing diapers back then...this baseline drive and basket would cap off a 20-to-2 run...everyone knew which team was in control for the moment...the score is now 25-to-14.'s where the game took another turn...the sleeping giant had been poked long enough...and Schroefel decided to wake up and get to work. This highlight would up his total to a mere 4 points, but there was more to come...Buffalo is still down 25-to-16.

The opposition had suddenly gone cold....20 points in the first 4 minutes of the quarter...only 2 in the last 4 minutes...that means now was a good time for the Bison to catch up...Schroefel buries 3 more...and he was helping his squad catch's 25-to-19.

Time is winding down on the half...not enough to set up a play, so Mitchell Wilcox had to do it all himself...this was an important 11 point deficit has now been cut to 4...Buffalo was thankful, that they were only trailing 27-to-23, going into the locker room.

Third quarter...things were starting to get more interesting...Schroefel will step right up...knock one down and win a prize...the junior was on a roll, and now it's a 1 point's 27-to-26.

The Bison were sometimes scrapping for points, and sometimes that's what you got to do...Hepp would end up with the ball and the 2 when this play was all said and done...that would enable his team to reclaim the advantage...we have a 28-to-27 ball game.

As for Worland...their offense has been mostly M-I-A for the last 7 minutes. The players were on the court...but they were not doing anything...Love will try to give his team a kick-start on this fast would keep the score it's 30-to-29...but the opposition would get those 2 right a moment Schroefel is going to breeze right by a defender or two and score...more is on the way from was all part of a 25-to-7 run over a course of 9 and 1/2 minutes and Buffalo would eventually go ahead 39-to-32.

The Warriors needed to snap out of it...things had been out of control as of late...Nicholas has a one on one encounter...he wins and provides some much needed points...the junior contributed with a dozen...toss in a number of free throws after this, and the boys in black were only down 40-to-38 going into the final 8 minutes.

Fourth could almost say it was Schroefel vs. Worland...he would take care of things himself on this highlight and put his boys up 42-to-38...he had an incredible run, which also included a number of free throws, and we can't show everything.

Worland would eventually find themselves down 7, but they would finally wake up again...Chandler Ramos with the drive...hoop...and 1...and the spill. He was fine, and he would convert, to help knot this up at 47-all, and there's still 3:30 left on the clock.

The boys in black were giving themselves a chance...Love is behind the crowd and the referee but we knew it was him...he would get the bounce and the advantage is back with his team...ahead 53-to-51.

Moving on...less than 1 minute to go...Buffalo down 2...who do you think is going to try to make something happen? Schroefel...pull up jumper...good...both teams and the crowd wanted more and they would get it. It was 55-to-55 when the clocked reached zero...that means we are not done!

Warrior fans were in attendance as well...we did not forget about you. Both sides did an admirable job in the stands.

Now in overtime...this is what makes a great championship game...more from Schroefel...he knows where his comfort zone is...and the Bison would go ahead 57-to-55.

Back came Worland...they not won the title since's been 94 years and they were fighting for it...Ramos collects the miss and puts it back in...and we are right back where we started...we now have a pair of 57's on the scoreboard.

Later...we have not seen Cabellero in quite sometime...he had a hot streak in the 2nd quarter...could he gather a second wind? Yes he could...the boys in black were knocking on victory's door...they would eventually grab a 61-to-58 advantage.

...but Buffalo would not die! We have a little more than 30 seconds remaining...guess who? Again! 2 defenders and he still manages to bury a college range 3...he was unstoppable...and so was this game! We need another 4 minutes....61-to-61 is the score.

Now in the second might think with the game Schroefel had...that he would have had a double-double...but no...he needed 2 more rebounds...right now he is more interested in 2 more points for his team...the Bison go back up by's 63-to-62.

He would score at will, and if you liked the last highlight...check this one...42 points...including the last 21 in a row...the scoreboard reads 65-to-62.

Skipping ahead...less than 1 minute to go...Schroefel was done scoring...but he was not done helping his this assist to Hepp and the defense was a split second too late...that's all he needed. Don't celebrate too's 67-to-64 and there's still time.

The Warriors still had the will to continue's a bit a crowded...Caballero still has reservations for 3 and you can now be seated! 67-to-67 with 26 seconds remaining...the only question was how was this game going to end?

Now 5.8 ticks left...Buffalo would sink 3 of 4 from the free throw line...last chance for Worland...they know what they need...Love gave it his best...but he was a little short...tough break, but I'll give the boys in black credit...they went down fighting.

After missing out on the state tournament for the past 2 years...and after losing in the first round of the regional tournament...the Bison would put it together and complete their run to the state championship.

Final score...70-to-67 in 2 Buffalo would finish the season with a record of 18-and-9.