Highlights of the Saturday, May 18th 3A Boys State Championship Soccer game between Buffalo vs. Star Valley.

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A mid-first half goal by the Bison, was enough to beat the Braves.



I’ll give him this…he has the school spirit…I’m not sure if it’s warm enough, but sometimes you got to brave the elements…no pun intended.

Buffalo vs. Star Valley in the 3A State Championship game…first half…Star Valley wearing the white... Bryon Anderson has the shot, but he does not have the aim, as this ball will go into the side of the net and is no good. That was perhaps the best chance that the Braves had to score, because things got a lot more difficult after that.

From there, the boys in black went on the attack…here’s Seth Hostetler from about 30 yards out…he’ll get blocked by Travis Kinslow, but that was a sign of things to come as you are about to see.

Buffalo was still trying to stampede their way through the opposing defense…Kinslow will rush out again to get the stop on this play…but check out the face plant by Eric Pantuso…thank goodness it’s a turf field or else that might have hurt even worse. Way to take one for the team.

Moving ahead…number 21 for the Bison is Tyler Rogers…he said after the game he was motivated by Star Valley’s coach, when he over-heard him say 21 never gets the ball…if that’s true…that was a bad choice of words…the senior strikes for a goal and he has the opposition to thank for that one...the score is now 1-nothing.

Later…Rogers has one…about try for another? From 35 yards and that one almost went in…Kinslow has able to recover and bring that ball back down to earth…as the score would remain 1-nil going into halftime.

Second half…the Braves were still looking for that equalizer…here’s a decent shot by Dayne Abrams, but you got to do better than that to get by Neil Medders. He only gave up 1 goal throughout the tournament…and 6 total on the season.

On the other end…Rogers is trying again with a break-away…but a great break-up by Kinslow and that would save a goal…but his team-mates could not produce one of their own…Buffalo wins the title…final score…one-zip, as the Bison finish the season, with a record of 12-2-and-2.