Video Highlights and photos of the 4A Boys Soccer State Championship Game, between Cheyenne Central vs. Cheyenne East.

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The Indians would dominate the game vs. their cross-town rivals to win their first state title since 2009, behind 2 goals each by Blane Cowley and Tayton Montgomery.



You've heard the stories about baseballs damaging cars...this was done by a soccer ball! Imagine if it hit the front windshield.

Cheyenne Central vs. Cheyenne East in the 4A Boys State Championship Game...first half...Central wearing the white...Tayton Montgomery from 38 yards out and that ball went in. The senior was not messing around and he has his team on the board first, up 1-to-nothing.

Later...this highlight is deceiving...Hayden Humphrey with the approach...the first guy intentionally misses and Blane Cowley sneaks in from behind with the header and knocks it in. Great delivery...great finish. The Indians have been working on that in practice and it paid it's 2-zip.

3 minutes later...they would strike again...this time it's Matt Schnyer with the free kick...and Cowley will redirect it again, this time with his foot. Everything was working for Central, because they have taken command of this game...ahead 3-nil.

East decided that maybe they should try what their rivals were doing...not a bad thought...Joseph Froelicher from 32 yards out, but there was no team-work on this play and Austin Brandes was ready for that one. The junior would ensure the score would remain at 3-nothing, going into half-time.

Second half...both teams now going in the opposite direction...the Thunderbirds would eventually catch a break...Finley McIlwaine will bounce a shot off of Brandes and the ball had enough momentum to continue into the net, Perhaps the tide was it's 3-to-1 and there's still some time left to make something happen.

However...about 2 minutes later...the Indians would strike back...Humphrey gets around one defender...and he knew he had that goal as soon as he kicked the ball.  Nothing to it. The title is within reach, up 4-to-1, with about 13 minutes to go.

East did not quit though...they had some fight left in them...Brandes botches the save...Gabe Cruz tries to cash in, but it ended up being Schnyer who would deflect the ball out of bounds. Defensive players usually don't get credit for saves, but that might be an exception.

About 5 minutes to go...Central decided to grab a little more insurance...Montgomery is going to put the nail in the coffin and if this game was not over is now!

After starting conference play with an 0-and-4 record, the Indians got their act together once...stumbled some at regionals...but finished their roller-coaster season on top.

Coach Denisson would get a well deserved dunking, and later found his lucky pebble that he buried under the team bench last year.

Final score...5-to-1. Central would win their first title since 2009, and finish the season with a record of 13-and-8.