Video highlights and photos of the Thursday, March 26th, 4A Girls Soccer Game, between Cheyenne Central at Kelly Walsh.

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The Lady Indians tried a different offensive formation in the second half, which resulted in 2 goals, but the had to hold off a late charge by the Lady Trojans, to win the season opener.



There was a deflate scandal in just to be safe...we'll make sure that it doesn't happen in fuutball either.

Cheyenne Central at Kelly Walsh...first half...Central wearing the black...Abigail Smith is in a good spot, but the defense would force her to change plans, and the shot goes wide. It's early in the season...not a big deal...she will get other opportunities.

On the other end...Kelly Walsh would get their own breakaway opportunity...Brooke Johnson tries to take the high road and  she put just a little too much on that shot...the far corner might have been the better option. We have nothing doing so far.

Later...the Lady Trojans would try a different approach on the corner attack...Kristen Franke with a good approach on this try, but Abby Fearneyhough kept her eye on the ball and the sophomore would keep the ball out of the net and get an easy save.

KW kept's a free kick by Franke...she hit this one just right and all Fearneyhough could do was bat the ball over the cross-bar and out of bounds...the attack plan was good, but the last line of defense was doing better.

Meanwhile the Lady Indians had their moments as well...Makayla McBride will try to strike from long range, but Erin Zigmont was waiting for that one...a pretty even game so far...and we still had a pair of zero's on the scoreboard, going into halftime.

Second half...both teams now going in the other direction...this was Kelly Walsh's closest shot...Johnson had the right idea, but Fearneyhough reacted just in the nick of time and the ball will skim off of the cross-bar and stay in play...this highlight is not over with yet...too much traffic in front of the net...however Fearneyhough was able to bat the ball away and save a point. Excellent goalie work for the start of the season, and the game would play on.

Central would change their offensive formation and it worked...McBride was patient...and she would get rewarded, by finding the top shelf...there's our first point of the 2015 season, and thus it would make the score 1-to-nothing.

The long distance attack worked once, so McBride would try it again from a bit further away...good idea but not enough distance...Zigmont would camp out underneath, and make the catch and hope her team-mates can find a way to even up the score.

They had to get control of the ball first, and the Lady Indians were not giving them that chance...McBride with another distance shot and she did not miss by much. Those are the breaks in this game...they will happen.

Central was the better aggressors in the second half...Alexa Becerra will squeeze through 2 defenders and get a shot off before Zigmont could get to it...the sophomore figured it was better to keep it on the ground this time...the air attack was not working we have a 2-nil game.

The Lady Trojans needed to get a score soon, because time is not your friend when your team is down 2...Johnson is going to slip a shot in between Fearneyhough and the goal-post...the ball hit the sand bag that holds down the goal frame, but it doesn't matter what happens after the ball crosses the it's 2-to-1 and there's still about 7 minutes to go.

The home team had some time and had some chances...this was their best one...Franke with a great approach...but Fearneyhough was able to swat it over and does not matter how a goalie does it...just make sure that ball does not get in under the cross-bar...Central would hang on to win the season opener...2-to-1.