Highlights of the Saturday, August 4th Legion Baseball ‘AA’ League State Championship game between the Casper Oilers and Cheyenne Post 6.

Scroll down to watch the highlights of the game!

With the game tied at 6, going into the bottom of the 6th inning, Post 6 took over for good, en route to another state championship.



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The Casper Oilers vs. Cheyenne Post 6 in the double-a state championship…top of the first...Dixon Maggard pitching for Cheyenne…buh bye…off to a good start as his team was looking to 4-peat.

Next batter…now you see him…now you don’t. Maggard ended up punching out 3 in 5 innings of work, and you just saw two of those 3.

Bottom of the first…runners on base…Post 6 doing what they do best…playing small ball and cashing in on errors. That throw was a little low and skips past first base. Ty Svec has a free pass home and his team leads 1-to-nothing.

Moving ahead…they’re now up 2-zip on a sacrifice fly…Logan Followell belts a shot into left field for a single…he tried to stretch it into a double, but was caught in the act. However it was enough to get Landon Lybeck in to score, and Cheyenne leads 3-to-nothing.

Top of the 2nd…Casper would take a page out of their opponents playbook…Kyle Keith was a well placed bunt and where was the defense on this play? They got caught napping. Zak Mathson was awake and he’ll make his way home…Oilers now trail 3-to-1.

I’m sure it was a little strange being the visiting team on the home field, but in this tournament…the call of the coin says so. Brett Kautzmann is out on the fielders’ choice, but he did his job by bringing in Tanner Fischer…Casper is now only down 3-to-2.

Bottom of the 2nd…Cheyenne showing some hustle…this should be 2, but Svec is able to beat the relay throw back to first base…and he’s rewarded with an R-B-I in the form of Nick Barker…the score is now doubled up at 4-to-2…although the Oilers would score one on a passed ball in the top of the 3rd to make the score 4-to-3

Bottom of the 3rd…talk about right place right time…Kautzmann snags the line drive at short and the runner at 2nd base never had a chance. That takes care of that problem for now.

Top of the 4th…this is the type of play that makes a coach cringe…I got it, I got it, I got it…don’t got it. Dillon Shellenberger goes home to tie the score at 4…Casper is playing in their first championship game, since 2006.

Bottom of the 4th…Oiler pitching showing they got something left in the tank, and Shellenberger will freeze one in relief. The score is still tied to the surprise of many.

Shellenberger would get into a jam, with the bases loaded, but he’d get himself out of it on this play…don’t blink! One…and two. Thanks for coming! It does not get much better than that.

Top of the 5th…Post 6 with some defense of their own with the bases juiced…Lybeck…to Rafer Cooley for 1…then back to Lybeck for the double play. The opposition had their chance and came away with nothing.

Bottom of the 5th…something had to give sooner or later and it did on this play…Casper tried to turn 2 more, but the throw to first is in the dirt and had to be dug up. Meanwhile Svec digs up a run for his team and Cheyenne goes back up 5-to-4.

Now this play takes a lot of practice and discipline…runners on the corners…notice the runner on first is not trying to hurry back because he’s stalling…Zach Lain was at 3rd waiting for the right moment and here it comes…he beats the tag…the other runner was safe as well. It’s a double-steal, and Post 6 now leads 6-to-4.

Top of the 6th…Casper comes back…with a little help as the toss to 2nd is mis-handled…Jon Robinson is already in and the Oilers would score another on a passed ball to knot this game up again at 6 runs a piece.

But in the bottom of the 6th…here’s where the wheels came off the wagon, as Cheyenne would take over for good…it would start with Cameron Johnson as he’ll send a shot into left field for a double with the bases loaded…Maggard is heading towards the plate and not far behind him is Tracy Calahan…that got things going as the 3-time defending state champs go up by a score of 8-to-6.

Here comes more…Lain adds to the cause with a single of his own…he was named M-V-P of the tournament…that will clear the path for Svec and the scoreboard now reads 9-to-6.

Now here’s a freebie…the Casper pitcher dropped the ball on this one literally. That’s a balk! The umpire tells Johnson to go home and he’s not going to pass up that opportunity. Things are looking good for Cheyenne with a 10-6 advantage.

Not much was going right for the Oilers, but they kept trying…the throw to 3rd was a bit wide and there’s another error…Lain will kick it into high gear and head toward the plate for another run…his team now leads, 11-to-6.

The defense had to wake up soon, or else this game was going to be over…here’s Kautzmann, to Mathson, to Alec Myers for the 6-4-3 double play, and that would stop the bleeding for a bit, but the damage has been done.

Bottom of the 8th…Cheyenne got back to work…Lybeck lifts this ball into shallow center field…the 2nd baseman is giving chase, but he’s not going to get it…and that ball will drop in for a single…here comes Johnson to push the score up to 12-to-6.

Later…this is Dustin Parker at bat…and here’s another chance for a double play…out at second…and safe at first…the hustle payed off…Lain scores on the play, and it’s now 13-to-6.

Moving on…Maggard…puts the ball in play…off of the pitchers glove…the Oilers try to adjust, but can’t get a handle on the ball…Cooley was running on the play and he’s in quickly. His team leads 14-to-6.

Top of the 9th…Casper was unable to do anything offensively in the last 3 innings and that would seal the deal…Johnson recovers from his blooper to get the ball to first in time to end the game and the celebration can begin…here comes the dog pile. They’re quite used to it by now, although in a moment you’ll see Billy Dolan tip it over.

Cheyenne Post 6…4-peats as state champions…winning this game, 14-to-6.

They have now won 11 of the last 12 state titles, and are now heading to the double-a northwest regional tournament in Billings, Montana…with a record of 40-and-32.