Video highlights of the 3A Football State Championship Game, between Douglas vs. Cody.

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Behind both 239 rushing yards by Carter Myers, and a defense that only gave up 139 yards of total offense, the Broncs would shutout the Bearcats, and win their first state title, since 1991.



I'm guessing we're using Internet lingo now to show team spirit...yes I'm sure they know how to spell, they are just trying something different.

Douglas vs. Cody in the 3A State Championship game...first quarter...Douglas wearing the white...Haize Weber has got to time this just right, and this pass was right on target to Justin Leman...a 35 yard pickup to midfield, and last year's state runner-ups were in business.

Cody's defense would bend early, but they would not break and bounced back big on this play...Carter Myers will bust through and get the sack for a 10 yard loss...that was a huge break, but the other team would maintain possession and found a way to keep going.

The Bearcats would get within kicking range...Brett Leuthen would be called on for a 39 yard try...this did not have the distance nor the aim...and we would have no score after the first 12 minutes.

Second quarter...the Broncs would march and put something together...Myers was getting it done on both sides of the ball...he's going to power through for 7 yards and get the cap off a 15 play 71 yard drive, and get his team on the board up 7-to-nothing.

The opposition would get a turn, but it did not last long...on the second play after the score...Weber is going over the middle, but he went too far over his receiver...Blake Hinze gets the interception, although a penalty on the return would push them back...the score would remain at 7-zip, going into the locker room.

Hey...there's the Y. We were looking for you. Better late than never.

3rd quarter...Douglas only got past mid-field one other time, and you are looking at it. Ben Flickinger came in untouched, and he will introduce Weber to the ground...the Broncs D only allowed 139 yards of total offense for the game, which is pretty good.

Cody was having great success with their ground game...and Myers did most of the work...239 yards for the senior...that was 21 of them...even after he got hit, he would find a way to get a few more. Any offensive coach likes that.

Later...the Broncs were knocking on the door and they would let themselves in again...this is Cameron Myers on the end around, and he will punch in for a 7 yard score...PAT no good though, thus the score is now 13-to-nothing.

The Bearcats were having a hard time, getting anything going...Cap McClure is going to get to Weber first and down he goes. Coming into this game...Cody was 0-6 lifetime vs. they are 12 minutes away, provided they could hold a 13-zip lead.

Fourth quarter...just to add on a little insurance...we lost the ball for a moment...then we realized Noah Rivera had it...2 yards and another's looking promising now that's 19-to-nothing.

...on the ensuing kickoff...this pretty much sealed the deal...the opposition could not get a hand on the ball...Dominic Vaughn would recover. His offensive team-mates could not do anything with the extra possession, but at this point, they did not need to.

After watching their arch-rivals from Powell claim the last 3 in row...Cody would give Coach Matt McFadden a bath, and claim their first state championship since 1991.

They would win by a shut-out...19-to-zip.

The Broncs avenge their only loss of the season, and finish with a record of 10-and-1.