Video highlights of the Friday, November 13th 3A Football State Championship Game, between Star Valley vs. Green River.

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The Braves had 412 yards of rushing, which they used to race out to a 31-0 lead and never looked back.




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Star Valley vs. Green River in 3A State Championship game...first quarter...Star Valley wearing the red...this was weird...Reese Riibel's shovel pass is deflected right back to him...and he's got to eat it for a 9 yard loss. Not exactly how you wanted a drive to stall, but it did. However, there were other chances.

On the next possession...they would have more success...Hiibel follows his blockers and pushes his way into the end zone from 1 yard out...the Braves would lead 7-to-nothing after the first 12 minutes.

2nd quarter...Green River was having a little trouble...and sometimes they were their own worst enemy, but experience and skill bailed them out on this play...Tyler Vendetti is forced to scramble, but he would get some key blocks and this is how you make something out of a busted play. All that running around only got him 7 yards...the drive eventually stalled and they had to punt the ball away.

It was only a matter of time before Star Valley got their running game it comes and there it goes...Kellen Hansen...he might go all the way...but Vendetti would trip him up at the last second. His knee actually came down at the 6 yard line, but they gave him up to the 3...that's an 80 gain, and it only prolonged the inevitable.

2 plays and a penalty later...Hansen will finish the job from 8 yards away...he had 181 yards on the ground...the Braves had 412 rushing yards on the game...and they are now up 14-to-zip.

Here is their other running threat...Collin McGinley...he had 137 yards rushing touchdowns for the junior, but we had to give him a little bit of love. This ended up being a 48 yard gain down to the 11, and he has his boys in a good spot to strike again.

The field goal unit would be called on this time...Noah Hutchinson from 30 yards...and his aim was right on...3 more points for Star Valley and now it's 17-to-nothing.

The only thing that was stopping the Braves...was themselves...once in awhile...Sean Pittman will field the punt at his own 40...shakes one tackler...finds a seam on the far sideline...turns on the jets and goes 60 yards to the house...but it was all for nothing. A block in the back penalty, wiped out half of the yardage, but there's still some time on the clock.

Less than 1 and a-half minutes before halftime...Hiibel is going to try to take the high road, and he should have stayed on the ground. Chance Hofer with the interception in the end zone...the Wolves needed that one, because they were still down 17-zip going into the locker room, and they did not want it to be any more worse than what it was.

3rd quarter...Star Valley would start a drive at their own 1...and would reach into their bags of tricks...Joseph Swanson on the fake punt...he saw some room on the near side...gets the first down and gets past was a chance that paid off and there was more to come on the drive.

After getting nothing on the next 2 plays...a little more trickery...fake handoff...Green River bought it and we almost did too...Hiibel completes a short pass to McGinley...that was his only catch of the game and he made the most of it...38 yards to the promised land...and the Braves are cruising with a 24-to-zip advantage.

Meanwhile, GR just had a hard time getting on track...Vendetti did a pretty good job on his own, but he could not do it all by himself. Conner Smith and Clayton Roberts swallow him up for lunch. Time of possession was pretty one sided in the game as well, and I think you can figure out which team won that category.

Star Valley would keep it on the ground again, once they got the ball back...Kyler Battleson...1 yard...6 more points, plus the PAT. It was 31-to-nothing, going into the final 12 minutes.

4th quarter...the Wolves finally got something going, albeit a bit late...Vendetti with the option keeper and makes it in from 5 yards away. There goes the shutout...the scoreboard now read 31-to-7.

Next possession...Vendetti had to take a few chances and this one worked...airs it out for Kalen Kester and the 2 were on the same page for a 51 yard 2. Vendetti was 17 of 27 passing for 182 yards...Green River is now down 31-to-15.

If it works...keep using it...until the opposition figures it comes another deep ball and this time Christopher Erickson was waiting on it. That was not the final nail in the coffin, but the turnover did some damage.

Vendetti and company would try it again...time is becoming the enemy...Erickson was the defender that got burned on that last touchdown, but he would make up for it, with his 2nd pick of the game. That will seal the deal.

Coach Chris Howell gets a time guys...aim for the'll get a better reaction.

Star Valley wins their first state title since 1996...and no late game drama was needed unlike earlier this season.

Final score...31-to-15...and the Braves would finish the season with a record of 10-and-1.