Video highlights of the Saturday, November 14th 1A Football State Championship Game, between Upton-Sundance vs. Tongue River.

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The Patriots raced out to a 26-0 lead in the first half, and were able to hold off an Eagle comeback to win the state championship.




Not only are they showing school spirit...they are ready for the 4th of July and next year's summer Olympic Games.

Upton-Sundance vs. Tongue River in the 1A State Championship Game...first quarter...Upton-Sundance wearing the blue and red...Hunter Woodard completes the pass to Rourke McPeters who gets a key block...out-racers the other pursuers along the near sideline and makes it in from 39 yards. Woodard had quite a game as you will see. The score is 7-to-nothing.

Skipping ahead...9 seconds before the end of the quarter...Woodard will sneak it in himself from 1 yard and that looked pretty easy...the Patriots were ahead 14-zip after the first 12 minutes.

Second quarter...this highlight is similar to the last one...Woodard again...2 yards this time and another touchdown for the junior...U-S was out to a good start...up 20-to-nothing.

Woodard was doing it all for awhile...and he could do long distances as well...the blockers did their job to spring him loose on a 64 yard run to the promised land...all in all he ran for 4 touchdowns and threw for the one you saw earlier. Upton-Sundance was cruising, up 26-to-zip.

Tongue River was having a tough time getting out of the blocks and they needed something to happen soon...loose ball...Dean Hatzenbiler falls on it...and he just gave his squad a chance inside enemy territory, with less than 1 minute to go before halftime.

On the next play...the Eagles would fly...Will Kerns uncorks one for 40 yards...and he is right on target with Cody Buller. They are finally on the board, but they are on the wrong end of a 26-to-7 score, going into the locker room.

3rd quarter...TR with the ball again...Brennan Kutterer now doing the QB duties...he wants Hatzenbiler but Cole Inghram is able to knock the ball away. You could sense the offense had some momentum going, so any defensive stop was a good one.

Next play...similar plan...different people...Kerns throws early to Dillon Lyons and this time it works. Tongue River was slowly starting to get back into this game...and there is some time remaining. They trail 26-to-14.

The offense did their can the defense do the same? Woodard rolls out to his left and that was the wrong way to go. Kaxn Kobza sacks him for a 7 yard loss. That would kill that drive and the Eagles would get the ball back.

Now to see what else they could do...Kerns was looking far...but he should have been looking in front of him. He couldn't slip away from Donovan Gray and down he goes. That would enable the Patriots to preserve a 26-to-14 lead, going into the final 12 minutes.

4th quarter...U-S was trying to put the final nail in the coffin...Woodard is going long, but he overthrew his target and wound up with Buller instead. Time is starting to become the enemy, so TR was grateful for that turnover.

...but Upton-Sundance would step up the pressure on defense...Kerns is in trouble as Forest Cross gets a hand on him...and then Yuli Viergets and John Sullivan take him down. The latter 2 ended up being the top 2 tacklers on the team for the game, and staying away from them proved to be difficult.

Next play...4th down...more problems for Kerns...the line was having a break-down as Thomas Davis breaks through...and then Viergets and Gray help finish the job way back at the 5 yard line...that is not where you want to turn the ball over on downs, and it's even worse when the clock is not on your side.

At this point...Upton-Sundance probably could have just kneeled on the ball, but just in case...Woodard is going to provide some insurance with a 2 yard run on the far side and he made it.

Before the merger, the last time Upton and Sundance each had won state titles...was in the same year back in 2005. This time they unite to break a 10 year drought.

Final the Patriots would finish the season, with a record of 10-and-1.