Highlights of the Saturday, April 21st girls soccer game, between #4 Laramie at #3 Gillette.

Scroll down to watch the highlights of the game!

The Lady Plainsmen came into the game with momentum, after beating previously undefeated Sheridan, but Gillette would shut them down for most of the game.



It’s a good thing he did not chase after the soccer balls during the game…then again, he would be biting off a little more than he could chew.

Number 4 Laramie at Number 3 Gillette…first half…Laramie wearing the black…this was probably their best chance all game long...Clara Nice will block the first attempt…then Cassidy Aguilar put just a bit too much on the put-back try. The Lady Plainsmen did not have many opportunities as good as that one from here on out.

On the other end…the Lady Camels were picking and choosing their shots. Brittany Lacek will get control of the ball and then fire the diagonal shot into the far corner and hits paydirt. That’s how the senior wanted to start out the last home game of her career and her team is up 1-to-nothing.

Later…Lacek was looking for more. Good approach on the free kick. A little bit more and she might have gotten the ball over Rachel Rettinger, but it was not meant to be and the score would remain 1-zip going into halftime.

Second half…both teams now going in the opposite direction…Lacek was a 1-woman machine in this game…the Laramie defense got a little confused on this play…and Rettinger could not quite get enough reach on the dive. That play took a little work but it was worth it, and the defending state champs are now up 2-to-nothing.

Gillette was taking this game very seriously once they learned that Laramie beat Sheridan, the day before this game was played. Michelle McGeary’s shot hits the cross bar…Lacek can not handle the rebound…and Laramie almost knocked the ball into their own net. That would’ve been a good looking highlight had someone been able to connect.

Moving ahead…guess who? Again! Hat trick! No better way to wrap up a good day…aside from maybe winning another state title. Lacek took care of the scoring herself and she would give the Lady Camels the W…3-nil.