Highlights of the Saturday, April 6th Boys Soccer game, between #1 Cheyenne East at #2 Gillette.

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The Camels made the weekend road trip for the Thunderbirds even worse, by taking the high road.



That…is a really big dog. Let’s just hope he’s not in the mood to play fetch, because a regulation soccer ball just might fit in his mouth!

Number 1 East at Number 2 Gillette…first half…Gillette wearing the white…trying to score on the corner kick play…Austin Fort put too much on a really close shot and the ball hits the cross-bar…it’s still flying around, but then Javen Westby decided that he’s had just about enough that, and hauls in the save before any damage could be done. That was a little too close for the senior goalie.

The Camels would get a number of opportunities and cashed in on a few of them. Watch the move by Camdin Hinkel…as he’ll put on a reverse…squeeze through 2 defenders…aim for the far top shelf and hits the target to add another goal to his collection. That was a sign of things to come as the home team would take a 1-nothing advantage.

Later…the Thunderbirds were called for a hand ball just outside of the box…Brandon Swan steps up for the free kick and the ball goes over the wall of defenders and pretty much finds the same spot as before. Aim high and you can succeed I suppose is Gillette’s motto…because it was working. The score is now 2-nil.

About 1 minute after that…here comes more. This is Tyler Greener from about 45 yards out…guess where that ball is going? Yep. Over Westby’s reach and in for another Camel goal…the home team was sending a message to the opposition and to the rest of the state…and they led 3-zip going into halftime.

Second half…both teams now going in the opposite direction…East did not get many chances in this game…and when they did…they never got a break to go their way. Luis Morillon went under the wall, but somebody got a piece of the ball and deflected it away from the net, so the boys in black needed a new approach.

They would try from the corner…this one actually hit a Gillette player and the Camels almost scored on themselves, but Andrew Hays would leap to the rescue because Fort almost became the goat on this highlight. He did not do it intentionally, but still, that’s something you don’t want to do against your own squad.

On the other end…the home team would show East how it’s done from the corner…Swan uses his head and take the high road one more time, and that’s how you get it done. The Thunderbirds did not have a good weekend, as they went score-less on both of their road games, and Gillette has reason to stake a claim on the #1 ranking…as they would clobber their opponent by a score of 4-nil and remain undefeated.