Video highlights and photos of the Thursday, April 2nd 4A Girls Soccer Game, between #3 Gillette at #2 Sheridan.

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Emma Jurewicz knocked in a long range goal early in the second half, and the Lady Camels were able to hang on to win on the road vs. the Lady Broncs.



I know it's important to stay warm, but you also have to make sure you are able to see the game. I don't think fans sit in the stands just to shiver.

#3 Gillette at #2 Sheridan...first half...Sheridan wearing the white and trying to strike first...Emily Julian takes the good, but the ball squirts loose away from Christina Lacek, but the freshman was able to recover and track down the ball, before the opposition could follow up.

The Lady Broncs were trying get goals from long's a 35-yard try by Jamy Shassetz...pretty good approach...just need to work on the aim a little bit. Lacek played it smart and let that one go, or it would have been a corner kick try for the other team.

On the other end...Gillette was taking their shots much closer to the net...Emma Jurewicz had to curve this shot around a defender...and Zoie Jones read the play and gets herself a save. Both teams were playing freshmen in front of the goal, but it was hard to tell, based on how they played.

Meanwhile...last year's state runner-ups would turn up the pressure...Katelynn Brooks sees an opportunity...the far side of the net is open...and she did not miss by much...coming into this game, the Lady Camels had yet to give up a goal on the season.

Sheridan was determined to be the first ones to knock one's the basketball Gatorade Player of the Year...Robbi Ryan...but that shot was too high. This game was the conference opener for both teams.

Meanwhile the visitors were taking their own shots...Megan Phillips fires a hard shot right at Jones who almost did not hang on...reinforcements were on their way to knock in the rebound, but she got control of the ball in time. Nothing doing on the scoreboard, going into halftime.

Second half...this play was don't blink...Jurewicz with a free kick from about 40 yards...good approach, good delivery and she nails it! She put just enough to squeeze the ball in between Jones and cross-bar...the result is a give Gillette a 1-to-nothing lead.

The Lady Broncs would try to answer...this time they would go with a ground approach...Julian tries to center the ball to Bridgette Maxey, but ends up sending the ball to Lacek instead, and she took no chances. The Lady Camels would make that goal stand-up, as they would pick up a big road win...1-nil.