Video highlights of the Saturday, March 15th 4A Girls Basketball State Championship Game, between Kelly Walsh vs. Gillette.

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Up 13 going into the 4th quarter, the Camels nearly lost it, by not making one field goal in the last 5:30 of the game. Thankfully for them, the Trojans failed to score in the last 2 minutes.



It's not really a championship type event, unless we show Scotty sweeping the floor at least one time. He only does this on special occasions and this qualifies!

Kelly Walsh vs. Gillette in the 4A state championship game...first quarter...Gillette wearing the white...Cody Kelley...he'll show why he's the 2-time Gatorade Player of the Year...and the leading scorer in the state in all classes...that long ball would put his team on the board first, up 3-to-nothing.

These 2 teams did not hook up during the regular season, so both were trying to feel each other out...the Camels were pushing the tempo and players like Tanner Rogen delivered the goods...that would push the score up to 6-to-2.

Kelly Walsh  was trying to figure out their opponents...and eventually opportunities came forward...Kooper Adams finds a lane...drives...scores and 1...and he has his team right back in this game, trailing 6-to-5.

The Trojans were mixing up their attack plan to keep the other team off balance...Turner Hiatt is open on the far side and he will bury a 3 to announce his presence...the lead has changed's now 8-to-6.

Gillette was relying on their senior leadership to hang around...Kelley did his part and some extra...#10 will tie the game at 10 with this jumper...and so far we had ourselves a pretty good game.

K-W has been known more for their defense...they lead the state all classes in that category, but they had a pretty good plan of attack as well...Beecher Strube...eyes it...spies it...and buys it for 3...his team wants their first title since 1981, and right now they are up 13-to-10.

...but the Camels were going to give them a was hard to stop Kelley...he did most of his damage inside the arc...22 points were his numbers, and his squad was only down 13-to-12, after the first 8 minutes.

Second quarter...Kelly Walsh was pressing on with their attack...Adams will get the fast break finish on the far side...courtesy of Strube...that would give them a 3-point's 15-to-12.

...but 3-points in basketball, can be made up pretty quickly...this was the only contribution from Beau Nutting...and his team will take that anytime...especially if it ties up the it's 15-all.

The starters were doing most of the work for Gillette, and it has produced results...and so has Kelly...he's undecided on his college plans, but right now he has his squad ahead 17-15. was the bench that was keeping the Trojans in this one...they outscored the opposition's Kirk Durtsche with his only 2 points...and things are knotted up again at 17-all.

Things were going back and forth for a bit...and that almost always makes for a good championship game...Kelly averages 24 and 1/2 points per game, and he almost met that number in this one...that bucket moved the score up to 21-17.

K-W was winning the rebounding battle...both offensively and defensively...and that leads to second chances...Ethan Applegate will prove my his team needs another bucket, because they are down 21-to-19.

The junior was beginning to take charge for his team...he had double digits scoring with 10 points and he would bring his team back this time we have a 21-all contest.

Then Gillette would a move...and it was about time someone was all Cale Miessler...from NBA range and he buries it. His 13 point game was underway, and the scoreboard reads 24-21.

Miessler is a junior so he has another year to hit long bombs...he was tied for the 2nd best 3 point field goal percentage in the state all classes...48% and he has a hot hand now...the Camels are up 28-21.

Kelly Walsh needed to grab some momentum back quick, before things got worse...Sturbe uses his 6'5" height to get a hook shot to make this a 31-25 game, going into the locker room.

Third quarter...Gillette was not letting up, and they were trying to take their opponents out of this one...Bryce Lyman is in the corner...causing trouble...that what you got to do...that would push the score up to 34-27.

The defense and transition had their moments...Kelly with the steal and he will take charge on this the ball movement at the end...hoop and 1...things were clicking...the lead is at's 37-to-27.

The Trojans were doing what they could to get back into this...Applegate was one rebound short of a double-double...and he'll take the 2 from 10 would close the gap to the score is 37-31.

The Camels were not about ready to let them get any closer...Rogen may have found a sweet spot on the seems to be working and it produced it's a 40-to-31 contest.

K-W needed some help from the reserves and they would step up...Marcus Nolan...drives...puts up a soft floater and gets the drop...that would help a little bit...his team still trails 40-to-33.

Then he would spread the's another drive, but this time he'll dish the assist to Talen Markovich and the team-work was starting to pay off...Kelly Walsh is down 41-to-35.

As good as the Trojans' defense has been...that had their not so great moments...someone forgot about Rogen and that was too easy...Gillette goes ahead, 43-to-35.

They wanted to put the dagger in the heart early and save themselves the drama for the end...Kelly will miss here, but he'll get his own rebound...kick it out to Lyman who has reservations for 3...the Camels were enjoying a 13-point cushion...their biggest lead of the was 48-to-35 going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter...K-W did not quit...and they were out to prove that this game was not over...Strube waits for the defense to go right by him and then he will score with was a start, although they are still down 48-to-37.

They needed some more...and in big chunks...we have not seen Drew Petrie....he's going wayyy downtown on this one...where has he been all game? That was his only it's 50-to-42...his squad still trails by 8.

The defense would step their game up as well...Hiatt with the interception, and he will bring it back for 2...the deficit was shrinking...the score was 50-to-44 at this point.

I told you this game was not over...the Trojans were hot on the comeback trail...Markovich takes the inside lob...hoop...and the foul...the 3 point play would cap off a 14-to-2 run...and a 13-point deficit was cut down to 1...the scoreboard reads 50-to-49.

Gillette got a couple of free throws to increase their advantage, so K-W had to get those points back...Strube...offensive it...but that was all she wrote offensively....down 52-51...Kelly Walsh failed to score in the last 2 minutes of the game.

The Camels meanwhile, were hanging on for dear field goals in the last 5 minutes and 1/2 they had to rely on free throws...thankfully...they came through. with 6 of 8 down the stretch, which was enough to put things away.

There's another banner to hang up in the Castle of Chaos...or the Castle of Champions...depending on your point of view.

Final score...56-to-51 as Gillette takes home title number 15, and they would finish the season with a record of 25-and-3, which includes an undefeated record, against Wyoming opponents.