Video highlights of the Friday, May 8th 4A Girls Soccer Game, between #5 Green River at Natrona.

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The Fillies controlled the first 40 minutes, while the Lady Wolves did the same after halftime, and nothing happened in overtime.



At least one referee came prepared. Actually all of them did, but the other 3 do not get to run around with an umbrella or a poncho. That one got a lucky draw on the assignment.

#5 Green River at Natrona...first half...Natrona wearing the white...MacKenzie Tille is able to get control of the ball and then controls it into the net, That's pretty good considering the rainy conditions. It's a 1-nothing game, about 13 minutes in.

Green River would try to answer...and they had the right idea...Lauren Hoyt was trying to set up Chezney Mamalis...but the 2 could not complete the connection. Both are freshman, so they got plenty of time to work on it. They will do better next time.

Moving in stoppage time...the Fillies steal the throw in...and this could not have gone any better...Sara Jones with a great centering pass to Lulu Rochelle, and the juniors would show everyone how to get the job done. You do not always have to use your head. The feet do just as good. We had a 2-zip game, going into halftime.

Second half...The Lady Wolves needed to get on the board soon, or else it was going to get a lot more difficult...McKenzie Lucas put just a bit much on the free kick. That's 3 points in football, but this is fuutball. Wrong sport.

Now this highlight is quick...we barely got the camera on in time...Lucas will bounce a shot off of the goalie and the ball will roll its way into the net. Thankfully for the visitors, that took all of 5 minutes, so there is still plenty of time, down 2-to-1.

The home team wanted to get that goal back...and they thought they had it here...this was a good centering pass from Jones to Rochelle, who will redirect the ball into the problem...offsides...and they knew it.

Green River would tie the score on a goal by Hoyt, and we had a few camera problems, so we could not get it, so we apologize...NC was trying to go back on top, but Chloe Sale's chest bump shot would hit the goal post, and they could not follow up on it. The breaks went one way in the first half, and then in the other way for the second half.

Later...the visitors had the momentum on their side and they were trying to make the most of it...Hoyt is on a fast break...the first shot is blocked and putback try was just off the mark. She wanted that one back...because not much else happened from there, and the game would end in a 2-2 draw.