Video highlights and photos of the Saturday, May 17th 4A Boys Soccer West Regional Championship Game, between Green River at Riverton.

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Both the Wolves and Wolverines loaded up the powder keg in the first 70 minutes, and then in the last 10, they both lit fuse and exploded for goals, with GR getting the last one late.



I just don't get it...last week it was snowing...and now some fans are getting snow cones and slushies and anything else that is cold. Haven't we had enough?

Green River at Riverton in the 4A West Regional Championship game...first half...Green River wearing the white...we got a collision in front of the net and a loose ball...Ty Woodward was thankful that he had friends to bail him out of a jam...good no call, because he and the attacker both had a play on the ball...that was just the start of things to come.

On the other end...Riverton would try a long range attack...Caleb Ogg from 38 yards out, but Alex Marchal kept his eye on the ball and it would not get past him on this score yet, and things were only starting to get interesting.

Later...the Wolverines would play their trump card...Tristan White...the Gatorade Player of the Year...he has some moves...first he'll give it up...then get it back...and he had a decent shot, however double-oh 7 was waiting for it. The junior brought his A game and was holding his own for the most part.

Back to the other side...the Wolves will try from long range themselves...Taten Knight had the right idea, but he put too much on that kick and he got denied by the cross bar...and Chase Erickson's put-back was too strong as well...Woodward caught a break...and we had no score, going into half-time.

Second half...the visitors were the better aggressors from this point on...Woodward had to bat that shot away...and someone was there to try again...Woodward could not hang on...Tanner Trumble tried to capitalize, but he was denied access...and that was as close as he could have gotten...he could not believe it either, and wanted that one back. Good defense on the part of the home team.

G-R kept knocking on the door...they knew sooner or later something was going to get in...but the Riverton defense would step up one more time...this time Woodward was not the was Ogg who would reach his foot out, just in time to get the block...and the defense would recover just in time, to force Omar Torres' shot to hit the goal-post...the first 70 minutes were pretty good, but the next 10 turned out to be even better.

Here's why...Green River has a fast-break...good pass to Erickson who was at full sprint...the junior had room to get control of the ball...he had one course of action...and one chance...he took it and it payed off...we have a goal and this is game just went from interesting to's one-to-nothing.

Now in stoppage time...this was of the free kick...we got a little bit of a push inside the box...just enough for the header attempt to be missed...the ref saw it and called it...big time no-no for the Wolves defense.

The boys in black would get a penalty kick opportunity...they would put their fate on the foot of White...he zigged...and Marchal zagged...the result was no resistance to stop the shot and Riverton has new life, with the score now tied at 1.

The celebration was short lived...there was still about roughly 1 minute to go...and that was all that the visitors needed...great ball handling by Knight...and then watch this 1-2 combination...he'll center it up for Victor Alatorre, who was in the right place at the right time for the header...ball game!

At the last minute...Green River would win their 3rd 4A West Regional Title in 4 years...and they will take the west #1 seed into the state tournament...winning 2-to-1.