Video highlights and photos of the Saturday, April 12th boys soccer game, between #1 3A Jackson vs. 4A Riverton.

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The Broncs held the Wolverines' offense in check for most of the game, to win the Green River Tournament.



You would think with the way they're bundled up, that a snowstorm might be on its way. It's April in Wyoming...that doesn't happen. Right?

#1 Jackson vs. Riverton in a 3A vs. 4A matchup...this is the championship game of the Green River Tournament...first half...Jackson wearing the black...and working on their approach...the direct route is blocked, so they will try from an angle...Sam Miller takes a shot and gets the bounce to go his way off of the cross-bar, and that's took about 25 minutes, but persistence paid off, and the score is 1-to-nothing.

Later...this highlight is a bit deceptive...but it counted...Tristan Wagner from nearly the same spot...he kept it on the ground...and the ball slipped through a hole in the back of the net...the line judge said that's a goal...and the Broncs were in pretty good shape with a 2-zip leading going into halftime.

Second half...the boys in black have one of their main offensive threats back from last year...Juan Morrilon was one of 2 tied for the most goals scored last year and here he will pick up where he left off. He's only a junior, so he still has another year to go. That goal would put his team ahead 3-nil.

Meanwhile...Riverton did not do a bad's just that playing 5 games in less than 48 hours...took a toll on the fuel tank. Tristan White had a little bit left to set up Travis Fischer who will knock the ball in to end the shutout. The Wolverines had nothing to hang their heads over on the weekend, despite losing this one...3-to-1. Jackson remains undefeated.