Highlights of the Thursday, March 28th Girls Soccer game, between 4A Sheridan at #5 3A Buffalo.

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Junior Maddy McClure would set them up, and sophomore Emily Julian would knock the ball in both times, to help the Lady Broncs win on the road vs. the Lady Bison, in a matchup between last year's 4A state runner-ups vs. last year's 3A state runner-ups.



Spring break and this game started at the same time. She’s living the best of both worlds!

Sheridan at #5 Buffalo…in a 4A vs. 3A matchup…first half…Sheridan wearing the blue…Maddy McClure is leading the charge, but the defense is going to force her to shoot towards the near goal post…and that’s where Jenna Anderson was waiting on it. The senior would get the save to add to her totals and this game would continue on.

Last year’s 4A state runner ups were the more aggressive team in this contest…here’s a set up to Emily Julian, who will try to connect with a header…but Anderson had time to react. We did not get her numbers, but she had a pretty good game, although she was not able to stop them all.

The Lady Broncs were using team-work, and they knew sooner or later it would pay off. McClure will center the shot up for Julian…and the sophomore will clank one off of the cross-bar and that’s in for a goal. She almost put too much on it. Nevertheless…the visitors now have a 1-nothing advantage.

A short time later….here comes Julian again…she’s leading another fast-break…and she had the right idea going for the far goal-post…but just a bit too much angle on the shot. Her team was playing a bit short-handed on the bench, but under the circumstances, they were doing well.

Now about something for Buffalo? Rileigh Olson…a sophomore…putting her foot down on this 40 yard shot…and that ball is going in! That would relieve some frustration…and last year’s 3A state runner-ups, would tie the score up at 1 goal a-piece, going into halftime.

2nd half…not as much going on, compared to earlier, but there were a few moments. Anderson with another block against McClure, and that would keep the score tied in this I-90 rivalry.

Now ties do not always have to be broken…it’s just that not many people like them. McClure and Julian will team up again…close to the net and Anderson did not have much of a chance on that one. Another assist and another goal for the pair…and that is what made the difference in the game…as Sheridan would get the win on the road…2-to-1.