A small-numbered Kaycee Buckaroos team will try to make the most of what they have in the upcoming 2022 season.

Only two years ago, the Buckaroos were in the semifinals of the playoffs in six-man football and posted an 8-2 record. Kaycee slipped to 2-6 last year but did make the playoffs only to fall to the state champs in the first round.

Unfortunately, with a limited roster in 2022, a lot will be expected of the most veteran Buckaroo players. Two that will be counted on are Vaun Pierson, who was all-conference a year ago, and Coy Burnell.

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WyoPreps’ fifth stop on the Preseason Football Tour was to check in on Kaycee. We spoke with Pierson and Burnell, plus Coach Largent. They discuss how things have gone at the start of fall camp, the difficult part of a limited roster, a change in the six-man conferences this year, and more.

This is Coach Largent’s fourth year as head coach. He was on the staff when Kaycee won three consecutive state titles from 2015-2017.

The Buckaroos will make their 2022 season debut on Friday, Sept. 2 at H.E.M. in Hanna.

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