Video highlights and photos of the Saturday, May 17th, 4A Girls West Regional Championship Game, between Kelly Walsh vs. Green River.

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Playing for the third time this season, the Lady Trojans finally figured out what they needed to do, in order to hang loss #1 on the Lady Wolves.

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They got the plan to avoid a sunburn...use the umbrella to block the sun from above...and the blanket helps at sunset.

Kelly Walsh vs. Green River in the 4A West Regional Championship Game at Riverton...first half...Kelly Walsh wearing the green...Rachel Franke from 35 yards, and she will hammer that ball with the right amount of force to get the goal. 3-minutes in...and it's 1-to-nothing.

About 3 minutes later...Green River would answer...McKenzie Lucas with the centering pass...and Lyndsey Burnett goes center top shelf...they are not used to trailing, but they responded to it quickly...we've only played 6 minutes and we're tied at 1.

Back to the other end...the Lady Trojans would try another attack...Ali Green will elude the goalie and take a shot, but Kelsey Moffitt was able to cut the ball off at the pass and get rid of it...the undefeated Lady Wolves dodged a bullet on that play...and the game went on.

...about 5 minutes before the break...KW was at it again...Green is on one side of the net...and fires toward the other...tough angle, but that is why players would pay off with a goal, to make the score 2-to-1, going into halftime.

Second half...GR was trying a similar plan, compared to what worked earlier...Burnett with a pretty good approach, but Erin Zigmont learned her lesson and pulls that shot down. That was probably their best chance for the rest of the game.

Moving on...time is starting to become a factor...and Brooke Johnson would try to provide Kelly Walsh with some insurance...good approach, good angle, but denied by the least they were keeping the opposition on the defensive, which is what they wanted.

Later...the Lady Trojans were turning up the pressure even more...Green will try again...Dakota Neumann with a great save to prevent any more damage...but Green River could not get the equalizer...and they would taste defeat for the first time this season...KW gets the number 1 west seed heading into the state tournament...winning 2-to-1.