Highlights of the Saturday, May 12th boys soccer 4A West Regional 3rd Place Game, between Kelly Walsh and Riverton.

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The Trojans score 2 minutes into the game, then added on 3 more goals in the 2nd half, to win the 3rd place game in the 4A West.



I got to hand it to this guy. He came prepared! Brought his own chair, brought his own concessions…now if only he would get rid of that book!

Kelly Walsh vs. Riverton in the 4A West Regional 3rd Place Game…first half…Kelly Walsh wearing the white…and Patrick Cardinal did not waste much time. He takes the high road and finds the far side of the net to get the Trojans on the board, leading 1-to-nothing, and this game is only about 90 seconds old.

They would stay after it, and kept trying to strike from afar. Seth Romsa with a blast from 30 yards out..but Logan Ridgeway with a great block to deny the point. The senior for Riverton had some magnificent saves which you’ll see later, although he could not stop them all.

As for his Wolverine team-mates…offensively…not much to show. This is was their best shot as Tristan White and Shaydon Coulsen would try a 1-2 combination, however they needed more than that to get by Connor Diller, who had a pretty easy game in front of the net.

On the other end…KW was going back to work. Cardinal is looking for his 2nd goal of the game…he’s got a shot, and he’ll get the ball past Ridgeway, however the goal-post would not budge, and more times than not…the ball will go the other way. Such was the case here.

Moving ahead…here comes the Trojan attack again…Seth Romsa is leading a fast-break, and Ridgeway had no choice but to come out and force the shot. Great block, but he’s not out of the woods just yet…the opposition will try to reset. Caleb Romsa is going to give it a try on the ground and Ridgeway will smother that ball before it could go any further. We did not get his save numbers, but I would imagine that they were pretty good.

Later…Kelly Walsh would try from the corner…Cardinal tries another shot through traffic and again Ridgeway throws himself into harm’s way to deflect the ball out of bounds and thankfully, Riverton was only down 1-zip going into halftime.

2nd half…the Trojans would turn up the pressure and Ridgeway would respond to an extent. Caleb Romsa has a penalty kick try…access denied! That is hard to do at any level but as good as that was…sadly…things went downhill from there for the Wolverines.

Case in point…Caleb Romsa has had just about enough of all the blocks and rejections. This shot splits 2 defenders and it’s out of reach and into the net. That was a relief and the Trojans could breathe a little bit easier as they now have a 2-nothing advantage.

But they were not done…about 2 minutes later…Caleb was after more…this time he’ll go around the defense and get the shot off right before a sliding Ridgeway could disrupt it. The net is wide open and there’s another goal for the senior who has helped give his team a 3-zip lead at this point.

About 2 minutes to go…here comes more. Caleb is after the hat trick and he’s going to get it as all Ridgeway could do was watch that ball go right by him. That took care of that as Kelly Walsh would grab the number 3 seed out of the west heading into state tournament…beating Riverton, 4-nil.