Video highlights and photos of the Friday, March 28th 4A Girls Soccer game, between Gillette at #2 Laramie.

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The Lady Plainsmen dominated the ball for most of the game, and did not give the Lady Camels many scoring opportunities.



Same guys...same instruments...same songs...yet somehow the girls love them! It's so simple.

Gillette at #4 Laramie...first half...Laramie wearing the white...good approach on the free kick...this ball will go off of the goalie's fingertips...and apparently it went off someone else's fingertips as well. That's a no-no inside the box.

It would lead to a penalty that we almost missed...Haley Moon will squeeze the ball in between the goalie and the goal post for the first score of the put the Lady Plainsmen up 1-nothing.

About 2 minutes later...the home team was on the attack again...the initial shot gets blocked, but this is not over...we have a loose ball in front of the net...Jacqui Pulley is going to run in and knock home the rebound...the Laramie girls meant business and now the score is 2-zip.

On the other end...Gillette had a few chances here and there...actually the opposition almost helped them with this one...Shelby Jackson almost mis-played the ball, but recovered just in time to get the save...and the score would remain 2-nothing, going into half time.

Second half...both teams now going in the opposite direction...the Lady Plainsmen were knocking on the door again, but this time the Lady Camels did a better job at keeping it closed....Ciara Nice with a couple of good saves and then she'll finally smother the ball, before any more damage could be done...the problem was she was not much offensive support from her team-mates.

For the most part, the home team dominated time of possession...and with that came more scoring opportunities...great set up by Savannah Cox to Allison Lepper and the team-work would pay off with another insurance goal. Laramie had more than enough a long time ago, and they would cruise easily in this game...3-nil.